Red Hat Releases OpenShift Enterprise 1.1

This week, Red Hat announced the release of version 1.1 of its platform as a service offering, OpenShift Enterprise. OpenShift Enterprise is the product within Red Hat’s PaaS OpenShift offering that can be deployed both within customer data centers as well in public or hybrid cloud infrastructures. The product supports Java, Ruby, Node.js, Python, PHP, and Perl and runs on the same code used for Red Hat’s online PaaS OpenShift offering.

Key features of Red Hat’s OpenShift Enterprise 1.1 include the following:

•A web-based, developer console for application deployment that supplements the command line interface introduced in version 1.0.
Reference architecture for deploying OpenShift Enterprise
•Bug fixes that enhance stability and security, particularly with respect to the broker and the node component that serves as the repository for applications, according to The Register.

Built on open source Red Hat software such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss and OpenShift Origin, OpenShift Enterprise represents part of the OpenShift portfolio that was recently named the winner in the “Best Platform as a Service” category by The Cloud Awards 2013 program. Red Hat’s release of OpenShift Enterprise 1.1 three months after the product’s launch in November suggests a seriousness on the part of the Raleigh-based company about enterprise PaaS given that it typically operates in longer release cycles on the order of 18 months.


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