iwNetworks Announces OpenStack-based Go Cloud IaaS Solution

Fremont, CA — Thursday, October 23, 2014iwNetworks today announces the general availability of the Gemini Open Cloud (Go Cloud) in the U.S., an OpenStack-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering that allows customers to create IaaS cloud-based infrastructures for use cases that include application development, workload migration and disaster recovery. Delivered as a software application that customers install on their hardware, the Go Cloud solution enables customers to create IaaS-based private clouds that they can subsequently utilize to create virtual data centers as illustrated by the graphic below:

As shown in the graphic above, customers can use Go Cloud to provision and deploy virtual data centers for cloud storage, web content management, high performance computing and application development in conjunction with the monitoring of their physical and virtual resources. Key features of Go Cloud include:

•Self-service capability to provision and manage cloud infrastructures
•An integrated management console that provides customers with visibility into the utilization and performance of their IaaS infrastructure
•Functionality for service providers to create a platform as a service (PaaS) infrastructure using Go Cloud that customers can use to obtain access to preconfigured technology stacks and infrastructures
•Transparent N-way replication
•Event triggering based on raw sensor data
•Log-based intrusion detection

Go Cloud enables customers to realize a high degree of resource efficiency by creating private clouds alongside their on premise datacenter environments. In addition, the platform enhances customer agility, delivers a high availability infrastructure and provides a user friendly platform for the migration of legacy applications to the cloud. Targeted toward the SMB market, Go Cloud delivers the power of IaaS-based private cloud computing in conjunction with a degree of simplicity and performance at a “fraction of the cost of others,” as noted by company spokesperson Mark Hayfield.

Supporting Quote
“We are pleased to bring the cloud computing power to IT departments and system integrators at a fraction of the cost of others. IT managers now have performance, scalability, visibility, and reliability without the cost and complexity of current architectures.” – Mark Hayfield, Company Spokesperson

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