RackWare Adds Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery To Its Workload Migration And Scaling Platform

RackWare today announced the general availability of version 3.0 of the RackWare Management Module, the cloud management platform that delivers rule-based automation for enhancing the mobility and elasticity of cloud workloads. Version 3.0 features enhanced disaster recovery (DR) functionality that allows customers to create a backup and recovery solution that automates the process of migrating a customer’s infrastructure to an alternative physical or cloud-based infrastructure. RackWare’s “anywhere to anywhere” disaster recovery solution enhances the flexibility of customer disaster recovery options by enabling customers to select one or more target platforms for DR purposes as needed, thereby eliminating vendor lock-in. Moreover, customers can specify the parameters of the synchronization process for ongoing, incremental backups by using screens such as the following:

As illustrated above, customers can create synchronization options for host and target infrastructures with varying frequencies, schedule times and image selections. Version 3.0 also boasts version control and rollback functionality that allows customers to restore infrastructures to the date and time that corresponds to a designated version. RMM 3.0 also empowers customers to restore aggregations of files that have been tagged according to keywords that enable subsequent identification and recovery. Additionally, version 3.0 includes advanced failover functionality that ensures the continuation of mission-critical operations by redirecting workloads to the replicated version in the event that the original instance experiences a disruption. Whereas RackWare 2.0 focused predominantly on workload migration and scaling, RackWare 3.0’s focus on disaster recovery catapults the platform into the exploding space of cloud-based DR solutions and its accompanying disruption of the economics of backup and disaster recovery.


Rackware Finalizes $2.3M In Funding For Its Cloud Management Platform

Rackware today announced the finalization of $2.3M in funding that brings the total capital raised by the Santa Clara-based cloud management company to $7M. Today’s funding round was led by existing investors Kickstart Seed Fund and Osage Venture Partners. The funding will be used to accelerate product development and expand Rackware’s sales and marketing operations, including increased expansion to Europe, Middle East and Africa. The company’s Rackware Management Module allows customers to move physical workloads from datacenters into the cloud, or alternatively to move workloads between cloud vendors. Additionally, the platform delivers autoscaling functionality for on premise infrastructures that empowers customers to extend their datacenters to the cloud as needed. The current roster of cloud platforms supported by Rackware includes Amazon Web Services, NTT, IBM’s SoftLayer, CenturyLink, OpenStack, SunGard, CloudSigma, Rackspace and VMware. Rackware’s platform delivers an automated, push button approach to the migration of workloads to and between cloud platforms in ways designed to enhance IT infrastructure mobility and elasticity. As cloud adoption accelerates, particularly amongst enterprises that find themselves forced to confront the challenge of migrating legacy applications to the cloud, technologies such as Rackware’s are likely to encounter increased demand as organizations require and demand automated solutions for migrating workloads to and between cloud vendors.