Qumulo Finalizes $30M in Funding to Support Global Expansion of its Scale-Out Storage Platform at Petabyte Scale

Qumulo today announced the finalization of $30M in funding led by Northern Light Venture Capital, a new investor, with additional participation from existing investors Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), Madrona Venture Group, Top Tier Capital Partners, and Tyche Partners. The oversubscribed funding round brings the total capital raised by Qumulo to over $130M. The funding will be used to accelerate Qumulo’s market expansion and global growth in geographies such as North America, Europe and Asia in recognition of an intensified need amongst enterprises to replace legacy storage platforms with Qumulo’s data-aware, scale-out storage infrastructure. Qumulo’s scale-out storage platform delivers the ability to deploy and manage petabyte-scale storage and subsequently provide insight into the usage of billions of files as well as the data stored within those files. Qumulo’s ability to empower enterprises to manage multi-petabyte storage deployments, in conjunction with the granular visibility it provides into storage trends, renders it a disruptive force in the battle to transform legacy storage to accommodate the business needs of big data storage for on-premise and cloud-based infrastructures. Qumulo’s Series C funding raise comes soon after the February 2017 release of Qumulo Core 2.6, a new version of its data aware storage platform in addition to QC 360, a hybrid storage appliance and the November 2016 appointment of former EMC executive Bill Richter as the company’s CEO. With a roster of investors that include Amazon Web Services, Isilon, Microsoft and Google, Qumulo stands poised to continue to shake up the legacy storage landscape by delivering a solution that differentiates by way of its ability to manage petabyte-scale storage with a high degree of performance in addition to keen visibility into storage patterns. The latest funding raise promises to inaugurate the next wave of Qumulo’s growth as Qumulo expands globally and correspondingly enriches its product in relation to customer feedback and the unfolding of the company’s larger strategic vision.


Qumulo Core 2.6 Brings Machine Intelligent Quotas To Qumulo’s Data Aware, Scale-out Storage Solution

Today, Qumulo announced the release of Qumulo Core 2.6, its data aware storage platform designed for the storage of massive quantities of unstructured and file-based data. Notable about this release of Qumulo Core is the implementation of native quotas in the form of storage quotas that are integrated into the file system. The introduction of native quotas to the Qumulo Core file system reduces the operational overhead associated with maintaining storage by absolving administrators of the need to abide by storage designations specific to legacy storage systems. In addition, Qumulo Core 2.6 features intelligent quotas defined by a policy responsible for the execution of real-time queries. The introduction of native quotas and intelligent quotas to the Qumulo Core 2.6 scale-out storage platform represents a significant milestone in Qumulo Core’s evolution by introducing “machine intelligent quotas” to the Qumulo Core platform that automate and simplify storage management at scale. The implementation of native and intelligent quotas to the Qumulo Core platform delivers enhanced operational agility for Qumulo customers, thereby complementing the platform’s flagship data aware functionality that gives users granular visibility into stored data. The nexus of Qumulo’s data aware functionality and its machine intelligent quotas consolidates its positioning as a leader in file and object based storage by underscoring the automation and operational efficiency specific to Qumulo’s platform for web-scale storage for on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid cloud infrastructures. Meanwhile, the announcement of Qumulo Core 2.6 comes in tandem with the release of Qumulo QC360, a hybrid storage appliance featuring the data aware NAS scale-out storage functionality that represents one of the pillars of the Qumulo brand. Expect Qumulo to continue building out its storage infrastructure as the contemporary proliferation of data-intensive applications drives the need for more intelligent storage automation driven by data aware analytics and enhanced operational efficiencies.

Qumulo Announces Availability Of Its Data-Aware, Qumulo Core 2.5 Storage Solution On HPE Apollo Servers

On Tuesday, Qumulo announced the availability of its data-aware Qumulo Core scale-out storage solution on Hewlett Packward Enterprise (HPE) Apollo servers. Qumulo’s availability on HPE Apollo servers gives customers greater flexibility with respect to the deployment of Qumulo’s storage solutions by supplementing the existing, Qumulo appliance-based method of installation. Customers can use Qumulo Core on HPE Apollo servers to obtain data-aware storage solutions for the storage and management of billions of files and objects spanning petabytes of data. Qumulo Core gives enterprises enhanced abilities to understand files and objects stored within its infrastructure, thereby enabling advanced analytics related to the ingestion of streaming big data and the utilization of stored data by end users. In conjunction with news of the availability of Qumulo Core on HPE Apollo Servers, Qumulo announced details of Qumulo Core 2.5, which features the capability to take snapshots of storage infrastructures to obtain incremental backups of stored data for business continuity, data resiliency and business continuity purposes. In addition, Qumulo 2.5 delivers enhanced capabilities to visualize system throughput and understand the utilization of file storage. Furthermore, Qumulo Core 2.5 storage administrators have the ability to drill-down on areas of storage associated with performance degradation to facilitate more nuanced root cause analytics of issues that may involve infrastructure, applications or the nexus between the two.

Taken together, the announcement of Qumulo Core 2.5 in tandem with its availability on commodity hardware for the first time in the form of HPE Apollo Servers underscores Qumulo’s differentiation within enterprise storage as a player capable of delivering keen data awareness as well as extreme scale-out capabilities that can support the needs of hybrid cloud infrastructures. Expect Qumulo to continue expanding partnerships with other commodity hardware vendors as it deepens its traction within the enterprise and consolidates its brand as a data aware, scale-out storage solution that delivers a consistent storage infrastructure capable of accommodating the proliferating storage needs of the contemporary enterprise.

The graphic below illustrates some of the visualization capabilities of Qumulo Core 2.5:


Qumulo Comes Out Of Stealth With Analytics For Scale Out Storage

Qumulo came out of stealth on Monday with details of a scale-out storage solution featuring data-driven analytics that facilitate the intelligent management of its storage solution. Based on the premise that storage owners have made the leap to petabyte-scale storage infrastructures but have yet to cross the bridge leading to the effective management of billions of objects and files, the company’s Qumulo Core platform embeds real-time analytics directly into its storage platform. Qumulo Core runs as a software application on the Linux Operating system on commodity hardware, virtual machines or Qumulo-appliances using a flash-first hybrid design. The Qumulo Core platform gives storage owners granular insight into the number and types of storage objects populating a specific storage infrastructure as illustrated below:

Storage administrators can leverage dashboards such as graphic above to understand the allocation of billions of files across approximately 300,000 directories. In addition, Qumulo Core’s dashboard gives customers insight into the evolution of their storage infrastructure in relation to incoming data as exemplified by the data points regarding the emergence of the 5th node in a software-defined storage infrastructure and hours required to rebuild a specific hard drive. Given that the platform enables even more granular analytics about which storage objects are located across directories including trends related to the ingestion and storage of incoming data feeds, Qumulo Core empowers storage administrators to effectively manage massive volumes of data, particularly as it relates to streams of unstructured data that predispose themselves to data driven storage management.

Qumulo’s exit from stealth comes roughly six weeks after its finalization of $40M in Series B funding in a round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and existing investors. To date, Qumulo has raised $67M and has developed its product over three years by means of consultative interviews and questionnaires aimed at understanding the needs of enterprise storage customers. All told, the Qumulo Core platform represents a disruptive innovation in storage management by bringing the richness of real-time analytics to tackle storage problems related to Big Data and its attendant reality of billions of files. One potential future direction for the product would be to augment its data driven analytics with enhancements that deliver a machine learning-based storage infrastructure that optimizes the allocations of files within storage platforms. That said, for now, a data aware storage platform for Big Data that gives storage administrators enhanced visibility regarding the intersection of data and storage has arrived.

Qumulo Announces $40M In Series B Funding For Enterprise Data Storage Solution In Stealth

Seattle-based enterprise data storage startup Qumulo today announced the finalization of $40M in Series B funding in a round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers with additional participation from existing investors Highland Capital, Madrona Venture Group and Valhalla Partners. The funding will be used to accelerate product development and expand Qumulo’s sales and marketing efforts. Still in stealth, Qumulo tackles data management problems specific to storage infrastructures for massive amounts of data. The company aspires to become the “company the world trusts to store, manage, and curate its data forever” as noted in its mission statement. In a phone interview with Cloud Computing Today, Qumulo’s CEO Peter Godman remarked that the condition of possibility for the retention of “data forever” involves the ever depreciating cost of storage-related hardware infrastructures. That said, industry-wide and global cultural expectations to retain data forever create a veritable constellation of problems related to data retrieval and archiving of billions or trillions of files within cost-effective, scalable storage platforms. Today’s funding raise brings the total capital raised by Qumulo to $67M. Sujal Patel, founder of Isilon, the storage vendor acquired by EMC for $2.5 billion, will join Qumulo’s board of directors and complement a leadership team that includes storage experts from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google. As Qumulo emerges from stealth to provide more details of its product offering, the industry should expect dramatic innovation in enterprise-grade scale-out NAS that forthrightly tackles thorny problems related to the curation and organization of massive amounts of data on storage infrastructures designed for big data sets.