Qumulo Comes Out Of Stealth With Analytics For Scale Out Storage

Qumulo came out of stealth on Monday with details of a scale-out storage solution featuring data-driven analytics that facilitate the intelligent management of its storage solution. Based on the premise that storage owners have made the leap to petabyte-scale storage infrastructures but have yet to cross the bridge leading to the effective management of billions of objects and files, the company’s Qumulo Core platform embeds real-time analytics directly into its storage platform. Qumulo Core runs as a software application on the Linux Operating system on commodity hardware, virtual machines or Qumulo-appliances using a flash-first hybrid design. The Qumulo Core platform gives storage owners granular insight into the number and types of storage objects populating a specific storage infrastructure as illustrated below:

Storage administrators can leverage dashboards such as graphic above to understand the allocation of billions of files across approximately 300,000 directories. In addition, Qumulo Core’s dashboard gives customers insight into the evolution of their storage infrastructure in relation to incoming data as exemplified by the data points regarding the emergence of the 5th node in a software-defined storage infrastructure and hours required to rebuild a specific hard drive. Given that the platform enables even more granular analytics about which storage objects are located across directories including trends related to the ingestion and storage of incoming data feeds, Qumulo Core empowers storage administrators to effectively manage massive volumes of data, particularly as it relates to streams of unstructured data that predispose themselves to data driven storage management.

Qumulo’s exit from stealth comes roughly six weeks after its finalization of $40M in Series B funding in a round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and existing investors. To date, Qumulo has raised $67M and has developed its product over three years by means of consultative interviews and questionnaires aimed at understanding the needs of enterprise storage customers. All told, the Qumulo Core platform represents a disruptive innovation in storage management by bringing the richness of real-time analytics to tackle storage problems related to Big Data and its attendant reality of billions of files. One potential future direction for the product would be to augment its data driven analytics with enhancements that deliver a machine learning-based storage infrastructure that optimizes the allocations of files within storage platforms. That said, for now, a data aware storage platform for Big Data that gives storage administrators enhanced visibility regarding the intersection of data and storage has arrived.

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