Qumulo Core 2.6 Brings Machine Intelligent Quotas To Qumulo’s Data Aware, Scale-out Storage Solution

Today, Qumulo announced the release of Qumulo Core 2.6, its data aware storage platform designed for the storage of massive quantities of unstructured and file-based data. Notable about this release of Qumulo Core is the implementation of native quotas in the form of storage quotas that are integrated into the file system. The introduction of native quotas to the Qumulo Core file system reduces the operational overhead associated with maintaining storage by absolving administrators of the need to abide by storage designations specific to legacy storage systems. In addition, Qumulo Core 2.6 features intelligent quotas defined by a policy responsible for the execution of real-time queries. The introduction of native quotas and intelligent quotas to the Qumulo Core 2.6 scale-out storage platform represents a significant milestone in Qumulo Core’s evolution by introducing “machine intelligent quotas” to the Qumulo Core platform that automate and simplify storage management at scale. The implementation of native and intelligent quotas to the Qumulo Core platform delivers enhanced operational agility for Qumulo customers, thereby complementing the platform’s flagship data aware functionality that gives users granular visibility into stored data. The nexus of Qumulo’s data aware functionality and its machine intelligent quotas consolidates its positioning as a leader in file and object based storage by underscoring the automation and operational efficiency specific to Qumulo’s platform for web-scale storage for on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid cloud infrastructures. Meanwhile, the announcement of Qumulo Core 2.6 comes in tandem with the release of Qumulo QC360, a hybrid storage appliance featuring the data aware NAS scale-out storage functionality that represents one of the pillars of the Qumulo brand. Expect Qumulo to continue building out its storage infrastructure as the contemporary proliferation of data-intensive applications drives the need for more intelligent storage automation driven by data aware analytics and enhanced operational efficiencies.

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