Qumulo Announces Availability Of Its Data-Aware, Qumulo Core 2.5 Storage Solution On HPE Apollo Servers

On Tuesday, Qumulo announced the availability of its data-aware Qumulo Core scale-out storage solution on Hewlett Packward Enterprise (HPE) Apollo servers. Qumulo’s availability on HPE Apollo servers gives customers greater flexibility with respect to the deployment of Qumulo’s storage solutions by supplementing the existing, Qumulo appliance-based method of installation. Customers can use Qumulo Core on HPE Apollo servers to obtain data-aware storage solutions for the storage and management of billions of files and objects spanning petabytes of data. Qumulo Core gives enterprises enhanced abilities to understand files and objects stored within its infrastructure, thereby enabling advanced analytics related to the ingestion of streaming big data and the utilization of stored data by end users. In conjunction with news of the availability of Qumulo Core on HPE Apollo Servers, Qumulo announced details of Qumulo Core 2.5, which features the capability to take snapshots of storage infrastructures to obtain incremental backups of stored data for business continuity, data resiliency and business continuity purposes. In addition, Qumulo 2.5 delivers enhanced capabilities to visualize system throughput and understand the utilization of file storage. Furthermore, Qumulo Core 2.5 storage administrators have the ability to drill-down on areas of storage associated with performance degradation to facilitate more nuanced root cause analytics of issues that may involve infrastructure, applications or the nexus between the two.

Taken together, the announcement of Qumulo Core 2.5 in tandem with its availability on commodity hardware for the first time in the form of HPE Apollo Servers underscores Qumulo’s differentiation within enterprise storage as a player capable of delivering keen data awareness as well as extreme scale-out capabilities that can support the needs of hybrid cloud infrastructures. Expect Qumulo to continue expanding partnerships with other commodity hardware vendors as it deepens its traction within the enterprise and consolidates its brand as a data aware, scale-out storage solution that delivers a consistent storage infrastructure capable of accommodating the proliferating storage needs of the contemporary enterprise.

The graphic below illustrates some of the visualization capabilities of Qumulo Core 2.5:


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