CloudWeaver Announces General Availability Of Its Cloud Optimization Platform For AWS

CloudWeaver, formerly called Lyatiss, today announced the general availability of its cloud optimization platform for Amazon Web Services, and its availability in Beta on Google Compute Engine. CloudWeaver’s technology “automatically discovers, abstracts and analyzes the infrastructure of an application” in order to optimize the integration of the application with its underlying infrastructure. By serving as an intermediary between the application and cloud-based infrastructure on which it is deployed, the CloudWeaver platform facilitates a deeper integration between applications and their deployment. Because the CloudWeaver platform situates itself at the intersection between application performance and infrastructure management, the product lies squarely at the heart of the DevOps transformation of enterprise IT as told to Cloud Computing Today in an interview with Pasquale Vicat-Blanc, CEO of CloudWeaver, CloudWeaver’s CEO also noted that the product can be adapted to analyze and optimize Hadoop performance within cloud deployments and as such, represents one of the few commercially available products that play in the space of application optimization on Hadoop within cloud infrastructures alongside the likes of Concurrent Inc.’s product Driven. CloudWeaver’s platform, however, is geared to a broader universe of applications than Driven and specializes in understanding issues such as latency and inter-dependencies that impede the optimization of cloud-based applications more generally. Expect to hear more about CloudWeaver’s Application Defined Infrastructure in subsequent months as the product becomes generally available on a wider range of cloud vendors and service providers. The CloudWeaver platform can be used by both enterprises and service providers alike.