Menlo Security Partners With Webroot To Deliver Analytics On Security Threats To Complement Its Isolation Security Platform

Menlo Security today announced a partnership with Webroot that enables the delivery of granular intelligence regarding threats detected via the Menlo Security Isolation Platform. Webroot’s web classification data empowers IT administrators to block websites that originate threats and variously implement more selective threat detection and remediation protocols for those sites, where possible. Menlo’s partnership with Webroot also allows customers to perform more granular analytics on incoming threat intelligence that subsequently enables the development and ongoing modification of strategic approaches to the management of security threats based on data regarding their type, frequency and originating source. Meanwhile, Menlo Security continues to differentiate in the space of cloud and IT security vendors that leverage isolation approaches to quarantine threats as opposed to using analytics to differentiate between malicious and innocuous web traffic. Whereas many isolation methodologies focus on securing the endpoint in the form of end user devices, Menlo Security’s isolation platform stops malware, phishing and other malicious code before it has the opportunity to reach an endpoint device. Today’s partnership with Webroot bolsters the level of granularity it can provide customers about threats within their IT infrastructure and represents yet another feather in its cap as the battle for leadership in the cloud security space heats up in earnest.