OpenLogic CloudSwing Joins Rackspace Cloud Tools Program

In late December, OpenLogic announced a partnership with Rackspace whereby its Platform as a Service (PaaS) product CloudSwing would be available on the Rackspace Cloud via its Cloud Tools Program. OpenLogic’s partnership with the Rackspace Cloud Tools program means that Rackspace customers can deploy applications using OpenLogic’s CloudSwing PaaS platform. Moreover, Rackspace customers can track deployment costs for CloudSwing from all of their Rackspace accounts. CloudSwing deployments on the Rackspace cloud can leverage the CloudSwing dashboard to understand performance within their cloud infrastructure. OpenLogic’s disclosure of its participation in the Rackspace Cloud Tools Program comes roughly three weeks after it bundled New Relic into its CloudSwing offering. New Relic provides 360 degree cloud monitoring tools that enable customers to access cloud infrastructure performance data at a level of granularity beyond the server or instance level. New Relic provides user monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring, and availability monitoring within an integrated SaaS solution.

OpenLogic’s partnership with the Rackspace Cloud Tools Program is set to increase CloudSwing’s distribution by rendering it readily available to all Rackspace customers. OpenLogic CloudSwing brands itself as “industry’s first-ever fully flexible Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud solution” that “offers an entirely customizable array of infrastructure, languages, and technology stacks, giving companies and developers the flexibility they need to choose the best platforms for all their cloud deployments.” CloudSwing currently supports a number of pre-configured technology stacks including Java, Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript with platforms based on Rails, Tomcat, LAMP, node.js, and nginx.