Tintri Reveals Global Center Management Platform And Two New Appliances For Its Hybrid Flash Storage Solution

Tintri today announced details of two products that enhance its platform for addressing the disjuncture between virtualization and storage in the form of two new instances of its VMstore product line and a global management center. At the heart of Tintri’s offering is the concept of a VMstore, an appliance that integrates with multiple VMs to provide storage that can be managed at the VM-level, thereby avoiding the scenario whereby IT administrators need to separately track VM and storage capacity separately. Today, Tintri announces two new VMstore appliances in the form of the T650 and the T620. VMstore T650 delivers 33.5 TB of usage storage for up to 2000 VMs while the T620 delivers 13.5 TB of usage storage for 500 VMs. As the specs suggest, the T650 is intended for enterprise workloads and large production-grade or test virtualization environments whereas the T620 provides an option for mid-sized customers.

Tintri also unveiled a new product called the Tintri Global Center that delivers a management console that provides customers with centralized visibility to the performance of up to 32 VMstores as illustrated below:

In its initial roll-out, the Global Center will specialize in reporting and monitoring and subsequently support the ability to scale-out storage across an ecosystem of VMstores such that multiple VMstores can function as one. Moreover, the Tintri Global Center intends to support integration with 3rd party platforms such as business intelligence and machine data analytics applications, in addition to delivering load balancing and policy management functionality.

Overall, today’s announcement from Tintri illustrates the innovation specific to the contemporary revolution in storage as exemplified by the recent proliferation of hybrid flash storage and server side flash storage vendors. Tintri delivers a hybrid flash storage solution marked by a combination of hard disk and solid state drive storage. In targeting virtual machines, Tintri “maps I/O requests directly to the virtual disk,” and thereby dispenses with the separation between VMs and LUNs. The product’s automated software logic determines the most appropriate storage location for each type of incoming data. Other vendors in the hybrid flash space include Nimble and Tegile whereas examples of pure flash storage vendors feature PernixData, Pure Storage and Nimbus. The industry should expect startups to continue to lead the way in delivering disruptive storage technologies to the enterprise as the battle between hybrid flash storage and pure flash storage solutions intensifies.