ZeroStack Partners With T5 Data Centers And Colovore To Expand Range Of Deployment Options For Its OpenStack-based, Private Cloud Solution

ZeroStack recently announced a partnership with T5 Data Centers and Colovore that will expand the range of deployment options available to customers of its OpenStack-based private cloud solution. As a result of the partnership, T5 Data Centers and Colovore will host ZeroStack’s Z-Block Cloud Appliance within their infrastructures. The collaboration between ZeroStack and T5 Data Centers and Colovore means that customers can now leverage the experience of either of its two Managed Service Provider (MSPs) partners to operationalize their deployments, whereas previously they were limited to hosting ZeroStack on-premise. The streamlined path toward private cloud deployment delivered by ZeroStack’s partner MSPs promise to expand ZeroStack’s footprint in the commercial OpenStack private cloud space by appealing to customers interested in a hybrid cloud environment for their deployments. In addition, both MSPs offer their own marketing and sales channels for ZeroStack, thereby further expanding the avenues by which prospective private cloud customers stand to learn about ZeroStack’s private cloud solution. Meanwhile, T5 Data Centers and Colovore stand to gain from the partnership by offering the capability to host ZeroStack’s OpenStack-based private cloud solution and serving the needs of an ever expanding base of enterprise customers interested in private cloud infrastructures. All told, the partnership between ZeroStack and T5 Data Centers and Colovore promises to expedite the on-ramp to the private cloud by giving customers enhanced flexibility with respect to their deployment models. Importantly, the partnership strengthens the positioning of ZeroStack within the commercial OpenStack space and solidifies its brand as a significant player in the private cloud space.