WalkMe Delivers GPS For Web-Based Applications To Enhance User Experience

WalkMe, a cloud-based platform that brands itself as the equivalent of a GPS for users of a SaaS applications, was recently named winner of Silicon Valley’s Tie50 Award. Selected from over 2500 companies worldwide for the award, WalkMe’s success at the Tie50 competition for top startups comes soon after the finalization of $11M in funding in a round led by Scale Venture Partners that brings the total capital raised by the company to $17.5M. WalkMe simplifies online user experiences by providing users of web-based applications with guidance regarding the completion of a task of interest. For example, if a user of an online banking website wished to create an automated transfer of funds from one account to another but were unsure of the online process for doing so, they could use WalkMe’s proprietary technology to obtain direction about the set of screens to navigate as illustrated below:

WalkMe allows users to type in free text questions to user experience navigation questions and subsequently receive click by click instructions about the optimal online path to complete the task described in their question. Easily installed by means of the addition of a line of code to the backend of the application in question, the WalkMe Enterprise Class Guidance and Engagement Platform enhances user experiences and contributes to customer retention, particularly with respect to online experiences in verticals such as online retail and travel-related websites where consumers often spend seconds before deciding whether to navigate to a new website. That said, the WalkMe platform can be used to enhance user experience in any web-based application and subsequently give vendors an advantage over competitors because of the streamlined user experience and increased satisfaction enjoyed by its users. With customers such as Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Bank of Montreal and Citrix, WalkMe stands well positioned to disrupt the user interaction space by transforming the way users obtain information from web-based technologies. Expect more details about the technology undergirding its platform to emerge in upcoming months as the company gains more traction and rolls out upgrades to its platform.