Zettaset Extends Hadoop Encryption To Data-In-Motion

Building upon its November announcement regarding Zettaset Orchestrator’s support for the encryption of Hadoop data at rest, Zettaset today announced the Orchestrator platform’s support for the encryption of data in motion. The addition of encryption in motion functionality to the Zettaset platform enables encryption of connections between nodes within a Hadoop cluster, all interfaces to the Orchestrator management console, connectors to business intelligence platforms and all communication links more generally. Zettaset Orchestrator’s support of data-in-motion encryption positions the platform to provide encryption to cloud-based Hadoop deployments on platforms such as Amazon Web Services Elastic MapReduce (EMR), or Hadoop as a Service solutions offered by vendors such as Qubole and Xplenty.

Zettaset delivers an enterprise-grade Big Data management platform that specializes in security, high availability and performance as illustrated by the graphic below:

The platform supports high availability by means of automated failover services. Moreover, Zettaset Orchestrator offers activity monitoring for compliance and auditing purposes, role based access control for HiveServer2 and HDFS, and integration with Active Directory and LDAP as revealed by CEO Jim Vogt in an interview with Cloud Computing Today. Compatible with all major Hadoop distributions, Zettaset aims to deliver encryption as part of a broader security package that also features identity management and access control in ways that facilitate compliance with regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA and PCI. Today’s announcement about the platform’s support for data-in-motion encryption positions the Mountain View-based company to compete in the hotly contested cloud encryption space. Unlike the likes of cloud encryption vendors CipherCloud and Vaultive, however, Zettaset’s combination of commitments to high availability and integrated product security renders it unique within the Hadoop management and security space. As more and more enterprises tackle the challenges of operationalizing Big Data, expect Zettaset’s data-at-rest and data-in-motion encryption functionality to propel an intensification of its early traction within the healthcare and financial services verticals as customers increasingly seek a turnkey Big Data management platform that manages Hadoop encryption, access, compliance reporting and availability.


MicroStrategy Certifies Zettaset’s BI Connector For BI Analytics Applications

Big data management vendor Zettaset recently announced an enhancement to its Zettaset Orchestrator platform marked by the addition of a Business Intelligence connector for BI analytics applications. The connector extends Zettaset’s security and encryption functionality to BI applications that use Hadoop datasets integrated with the Zettaset Orchestrator infrastructure. As a result, BI applications leveraging data stored in Hadoop clusters can deliver analytics that are protected by Zettaset’s enterprise-grade security and Hadoop management functionality. Zettaset also announced that BI vendor MicroStrategy has certified the connector for use with its analytics platform. The partnership between MicroStrategy and Zettaset means that customers of both vendors can derive actionable business intelligence from Hadoop-based datasets while taking advantage of the high availability, auditing and compliance, role based access control, encryption and policy enforcement specific to the Zettaset Orchestrator platform. Zettaset’s BI connector announcement suggestively illustrates the gravity of enterprise concerns about data security, be it data at rest, data in transit or data in use. As Hadoop adoption accelerates throughout the enterprise, expect Hadoop distribution vendors and Big Data management vendors such as Zettaset to shore up components of their product offerings related to data security, particularly as they relate to interfaces to third party applications and hosting environments.

Zettaset Orchestrator Brings AES 256-bit Encryption To Hadoop Data-At-Rest

Big Data management vendor Zettaset recently announced the availability of encryption functionality in Zettaset Orchestrator, its Hadoop management platform. Zettaset Orchestrator v5 automates Hadoop installation, enables high availability on Hadoop deployments and streamlines the configuration and operational management of Hadoop clusters. Zettaset adds encryption to its Orchestrator platform by using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and the KMIP protocol, with minimal impact to the performance of the encrypted Hadoop cluster. The addition of encryption to Zettaset Orchestrator means that customers with compliance concerns related to data security are one step closer toward delivering a data environment that satisfies regulatory demands specific to their industry. Jim Vogt, Zettaset CEO, remarked on the significance of encryption functionality within the Hadoop space as follows:

Encryption is a very specialized capability, and there are few viable options available today for Hadoop users. When it comes to risk management, Zettaset Orchestrator with data-at-rest encryption gives customers the upper hand, supporting compliance mandates such as HIPAA, BSA/AML and PCI-DSS, for example, and provides assurance that their Hadoop cluster data is protected against malicious attacks.

Zettaset Orchestrator also provides role-based access control as well as support for LDAP and Active Directory. Orchestrator’s support of Hadoop encryption in conjunction with its role-based access functionality represents a significant advance for data security within the Hadop space, particularly because the solution is for data-at-rest as opposed to data in transit, over the wire. Other vendors with Hadoop data encryption solutions include Gazzang and Dataguise. That said, Zettaset’s combination of automation and security on Hadoop renders it a key player in the Hadoop management space. Zettaset Orchestrator integrates with all major open source Hadoop distributions.

Zettaset Partners With Informatica For Big Data Integration And Processing

Zettaset recently announced that it will embed Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition into its Zettaset Orchestrator platform by way of an OEM partnership agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Zettaset’s Orchestrator platform will leverage Informatica PowerCenter’s data integration functionality to optimize Big Data integration and processing in conjunction with Zettaset’s Hadoop management, security and streamlined deployment functionality. Powered by the Informatica Vibe virtual data machine, Informatica PowerCenter Big Data specializes in Big Data integration by enabling customers to access, integrate and manage massive amounts of data. Informatica Vibe’s “map once, deploy anywhere,” technology allows users to define the business logic for data mapping independent of the technology platform into which the data is deployed. Once users have defined the business rules for mapping source data, the data can be deployed in cloud hosting environments or traditional on-premise data centers without recoding. Moreover, PowerCenter’s “visual no-code development environment” ensures that developers can manipulate or manage data within Hadoop clusters without having to learn Hadoop. Zettaset’s partnership with Informatica complements PowerCenter’s offering by providing a platform that automates and simplifies Hadoop management marked by enterprise-grade security as well. Zettaset and Informatica plan to extend their partnership by embedding Informatica’s data quality, profiling and cleansing tools into the Zettaset Orchestrator platform.

Zettaset Wraps Its Orchestrator Around Intel’s Hadoop Distribution

Big Data management vendor Zettaset recently announced support for Intel’s distribution of Hadoop. Zettaset’s support of Intel’s Hadoop distribution means that its Zettaset Orchestrator platform for simplifying and streamlining Hadoop deployments can be deployed on Intel’s open source Hadoop distribution that it optimized for its Xeon processor platform. Zettaset CEO and President Jim Vogt remarked on the company’s collaboration with Intel by noting:

Intel has worked diligently with their partners to ensure compatibility and deliver a robust, high performance Big Data solution for the enterprise. We are excited to be included in Intel’s growing Big Data ecosystem and look forward to helping our joint customers to easily install, manage and secure their Intel-powered Hadoop deployments.

The partnership means that Intel Hadoop customers have the opportunity to leverage Zettaset’s suite of Hadoop management tools that address security policy, compliance, access control and security in an effort to facilitate the construction of enterprise-grade Hadoop clusters. Zettaset is designed to support any Apache Hadoop distribution and environment.

Zettaset Secures $10 Million In Series B Funding For Hadoop Management Platform

Big Data management vendor Zettaset today announced the finalization of $10 million in Series B funding. The funding round was led by HighBar Partners with participation from Series A investors DFJ and Epic Ventures in addition to Brocade, a strategic investor. The funding will be used to expand sales and marketing initiatives and accelerate research and development of its platform for managing Hadoop clusters. Zettaset’s core product, the Zettaset Orchestrator, streamlines the installation and management of Hadoop. Zettaset Orchestrator simplifies the deployment of Hadoop, adds efficiency to its ongoing operational management and enhances the security of Hadoop-based deployments. The platform features an administrative interface marked by the capability to produce custom reports on the integrity and activity within a Hadoop cluster or deployment. Compatible with any Apache Hadoop distribution, Zettaset’s platform aims to reduce enterprise overhead related to Hadoop deployment and management. Today’s investment suggestively illustrates commercial interest not only in Hadoop distributions and analytics, but also in infrastructures–such as Zettaset’s–that simplify Hadoop management and enhance compliance with the regulatory demands of contemporary enterprises.