Zettaset Wraps Its Orchestrator Around Intel’s Hadoop Distribution

Big Data management vendor Zettaset recently announced support for Intel’s distribution of Hadoop. Zettaset’s support of Intel’s Hadoop distribution means that its Zettaset Orchestrator platform for simplifying and streamlining Hadoop deployments can be deployed on Intel’s open source Hadoop distribution that it optimized for its Xeon processor platform. Zettaset CEO and President Jim Vogt remarked on the company’s collaboration with Intel by noting:

Intel has worked diligently with their partners to ensure compatibility and deliver a robust, high performance Big Data solution for the enterprise. We are excited to be included in Intel’s growing Big Data ecosystem and look forward to helping our joint customers to easily install, manage and secure their Intel-powered Hadoop deployments.

The partnership means that Intel Hadoop customers have the opportunity to leverage Zettaset’s suite of Hadoop management tools that address security policy, compliance, access control and security in an effort to facilitate the construction of enterprise-grade Hadoop clusters. Zettaset is designed to support any Apache Hadoop distribution and environment.


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