Zettaset Orchestrator Brings AES 256-bit Encryption To Hadoop Data-At-Rest

Big Data management vendor Zettaset recently announced the availability of encryption functionality in Zettaset Orchestrator, its Hadoop management platform. Zettaset Orchestrator v5 automates Hadoop installation, enables high availability on Hadoop deployments and streamlines the configuration and operational management of Hadoop clusters. Zettaset adds encryption to its Orchestrator platform by using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and the KMIP protocol, with minimal impact to the performance of the encrypted Hadoop cluster. The addition of encryption to Zettaset Orchestrator means that customers with compliance concerns related to data security are one step closer toward delivering a data environment that satisfies regulatory demands specific to their industry. Jim Vogt, Zettaset CEO, remarked on the significance of encryption functionality within the Hadoop space as follows:

Encryption is a very specialized capability, and there are few viable options available today for Hadoop users. When it comes to risk management, Zettaset Orchestrator with data-at-rest encryption gives customers the upper hand, supporting compliance mandates such as HIPAA, BSA/AML and PCI-DSS, for example, and provides assurance that their Hadoop cluster data is protected against malicious attacks.

Zettaset Orchestrator also provides role-based access control as well as support for LDAP and Active Directory. Orchestrator’s support of Hadoop encryption in conjunction with its role-based access functionality represents a significant advance for data security within the Hadop space, particularly because the solution is for data-at-rest as opposed to data in transit, over the wire. Other vendors with Hadoop data encryption solutions include Gazzang and Dataguise. That said, Zettaset’s combination of automation and security on Hadoop renders it a key player in the Hadoop management space. Zettaset Orchestrator integrates with all major open source Hadoop distributions.

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