MicroStrategy Certifies Zettaset’s BI Connector For BI Analytics Applications

Big data management vendor Zettaset recently announced an enhancement to its Zettaset Orchestrator platform marked by the addition of a Business Intelligence connector for BI analytics applications. The connector extends Zettaset’s security and encryption functionality to BI applications that use Hadoop datasets integrated with the Zettaset Orchestrator infrastructure. As a result, BI applications leveraging data stored in Hadoop clusters can deliver analytics that are protected by Zettaset’s enterprise-grade security and Hadoop management functionality. Zettaset also announced that BI vendor MicroStrategy has certified the connector for use with its analytics platform. The partnership between MicroStrategy and Zettaset means that customers of both vendors can derive actionable business intelligence from Hadoop-based datasets while taking advantage of the high availability, auditing and compliance, role based access control, encryption and policy enforcement specific to the Zettaset Orchestrator platform. Zettaset’s BI connector announcement suggestively illustrates the gravity of enterprise concerns about data security, be it data at rest, data in transit or data in use. As Hadoop adoption accelerates throughout the enterprise, expect Hadoop distribution vendors and Big Data management vendors such as Zettaset to shore up components of their product offerings related to data security, particularly as they relate to interfaces to third party applications and hosting environments.

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