Zettaset Partners With Informatica For Big Data Integration And Processing

Zettaset recently announced that it will embed Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition into its Zettaset Orchestrator platform by way of an OEM partnership agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Zettaset’s Orchestrator platform will leverage Informatica PowerCenter’s data integration functionality to optimize Big Data integration and processing in conjunction with Zettaset’s Hadoop management, security and streamlined deployment functionality. Powered by the Informatica Vibe virtual data machine, Informatica PowerCenter Big Data specializes in Big Data integration by enabling customers to access, integrate and manage massive amounts of data. Informatica Vibe’s “map once, deploy anywhere,” technology allows users to define the business logic for data mapping independent of the technology platform into which the data is deployed. Once users have defined the business rules for mapping source data, the data can be deployed in cloud hosting environments or traditional on-premise data centers without recoding. Moreover, PowerCenter’s “visual no-code development environment” ensures that developers can manipulate or manage data within Hadoop clusters without having to learn Hadoop. Zettaset’s partnership with Informatica complements PowerCenter’s offering by providing a platform that automates and simplifies Hadoop management marked by enterprise-grade security as well. Zettaset and Informatica plan to extend their partnership by embedding Informatica’s data quality, profiling and cleansing tools into the Zettaset Orchestrator platform.


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