HPCC Announces Availability of ETL Cluster On Amazon Web Services

HPCC (High Performance Computing Cluster) systems from Lexis-Nexis announced that its Thor Data Refinery Cluster, an apparatus designed for big data processing, is available to enterprises on the cloud via the Amazon Web Services platform. The availability of the Thor Data Refinery Cluster on the Amazon Web Services platform renders it easier for developers to evaluate the efficacy of HPCC as an alternative to Hadoop and legacy systems. The Thor Data Refinery Cluster has the capability to load, transform, link and index massive amounts of data by leveraging HPCC’s parallel processing capability dispersed across different nodes. Developers may elect to use HPCC’s Thor Data Refinery Cluster on AWS for proof of concept or trial purposes while enjoying the convenience of not having to deploy any hardware to harness the power of the extract, transform and load component of the HPCC supercomputer.

HPCC is an open source Big Data technology platform that specializes in the processing of massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. Branded as a Hadoop alternative, HPCC’s technology platform is composed of (1) Thor Data Refinery Cluster, its extract, transform and load component; (2) Roxie, its query engine; and (3) ECL, the Enterprise Control Language responsible for the manipulation of Big Data across both the Thor and Roxie clusters. Only the Thor Data Refinery Cluster is available on AWS at present.