Vapor IO Announces Series A Funding Round For Its Intelligent, Automated, Hyper-Converged Data Center Management Solution

On December 3, Vapor IO (Vapor) announced a Series A funding round led by Goldman Sachs with additional participation from AVX partners. The funding will be used to accelerate product development as well as sales and marketing operations, with a focus on expanding the talent of Vapor’s engineering team. Founded by open source and industry thought leader Cole Crawford, Vapor IO specializes in a hyper-collapsed infrastructure solution that allows companies to manage a datacenter as if it were one unit. Vapor’s hyper converged data center empowers data center operators to proactively manage and automate a handful of metrics such as power consumption, rack temperature, humidity and cost per kilowatt hour. The platform transforms data center management from the task of managing a heterogeneous and fragmented constellation of hardware, software and networking components into an automated, intelligent solution that leverages data-driven analytics to simplify, streamline and enhance the operational management of data centers. Vapor IO’s Series A capital raise builds upon its recent announcement about the open sourcing of the OpenDCRE API that can be used to automate data center management and monitoring. As a result of the capital raise, Tom Jessop, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs and Chris Pacitti of AVX Partners will join Vapor IO’s board of directors. Expect to hear more in the way of product-related innovations from Vapor IO in upcoming months as its Series A round enables the expansion of its engineering team and a more complete implementation of the convergence of telemetry and data center management that draws upon CEO Cole Crawford’s extensive experience with open source technologies as former Executive Director of the Open Compute Project and co-founder of OpenStack.


Vapor IO To Use Applied Microcircuits HeliX 2 Quad Core ARM Processor For Its Hyper Modular Data Center Management Solution

Hyper modular data center vendor Vapor IO (Vapor) has announced a partnership with Applied Microcircuits Corporation marked by Vapor’s use of the HeliX 2 quad-core ARM processor from Applied Microcircuits. Vapor IO will use the Applied Microcircuits processor to power its Vapor Edge Controller, a controller that delivers high performance, low power consumption and an integrated 64-bit memory controller. The Vapor Edge Controller delivers intelligent, automated management of datacenters with sensitivity to key performance metrics such as power consumption, rack temperature, humidity and cost per kilowatt hour. The ability of the Vapor Edge Controller to deliver analytics about data center management with rack-level granularity, powered by the HeliX 2 quad-core, marks yet another notable milestone in the evolution of Vapor IO’s disruptive, hyper-converged data center management technology. Vapor IO’s partnership with Applied Microcircuits Corporation enhances Vapor’s hyper modular data center management solution by amplifying its data driven, intelligent analytics and management capabilities.

Vapor IO Partners With Bloom Energy To Deliver Hypercollapsed Energy Efficient Data Centers

On August 17, Vapor IO announced a partnership with Bloom Energy that combines Vapor’s hyper collapsed data center architecture with Bloom Energy’s fuel cell technology. Bloom Energy provides economical energy solutions for data centers all over the world. By partnering with Vapor IO, Bloom Energy acquires the ability to deliver an energy efficient, hyper collapsed data center solution that boasts low emissions in conjunction with real-time analytics about data center energy consumption. As told to Cloud Computing Today in an interview with Vapor CEO Cole Crawford, Vapor has the ability to deliver not only real-time analytics about energy consumption, but also prescriptive analytics that guide the implementation of optimization of energy efficient infrastructure configurations based on historical data and trend analytics. The partnership between Bloom Energy and Vapor marks the realization of a data defined solution as represented by Vapor’s hyper collapsed reference architecture, in contrast to the bevy of software defined solutions available for a variety of products in the market today. The collaboration affirms Vapor IO’s value proposition as a hyper collapsed data center platform that delivers prescriptive analytics about infrastructure performance and symptomatically illustrates the vitality of the larger conversation within the industry about converged infrastructures that improve data center efficiency in conjunction with increasingly granular analytics. Meanwhile, the other counterpoint to Vapor IO’s story consists of its role in facilitating more environmentally friendly technology deployments, a point rendered all the more emphatic given its partnership with Bloom Energy and its fuel cell technology.

Vapor IO Open Sources Operating System For Its Hypercollapsed Data Center Solution

Vapor IO today announced Open MistOS, the open source operating system that powers the company’s hyper-converged data center technology. Building upon its recent release of its innovative data center platform powered by the Open Data Center Runtime Environment (DCRE), Vapor’s release of Open MistOS renders available the operating system that controls the company’s data driven, centralized data center technology that allows companies to manage a data center as if it were one unit. By open sourcing the operating system underlying its “hyper modular data center solution,” companies are free to use Vapor IO’s Open MistOS operating system in conjunction with their own hardware solutions to develop and deploy data-driven hardware stacks that automate their internal management in response to data points such as temperature, CPU capacity, bandwidth and power consumption. Vapor’s decision to open source its operating system encourages other vendors to make their own bare metal provisioning technology line up with Open MistOS and thereby contribute toward the creation of a unified management fabric for intelligently operating datacenters. The open sourcing of Open MistOS promises to create a single, unified pane of glass for hyperscale datacenter management that disrupts the economics of data center creation and management both with respect to CAPEX and OPEX. As told to Cloud Computing Today by Vapor CEO Cole Crawford, MistOS underscores the birth of the data driven data center in contrast to the often used contemporary label, software defined data center. In the case of the hyperconverged data center, the radically centralized location of data center hardware enables a degree of data-driven management of the unit as whole because the hardware, as opposed to the software, constitutes the principal differentiator about the data center. As such, Vapor’s hyper collapsed data center technology illustrates and amplifies the growing trend in contemporary IT that prioritizes data and event driven analytics as key differentiators of technology, particularly insofar as the increasing proliferation of data compels the definition of events that feed KPIs which in turn guide the iterative management of the behavior of devices, appliances and hardware.

Vapor IO Emerges From Stealth To Deliver “Hyper Collapsed” Datacenter Technology

Vapor IO today emerges from stealth mode to reveal details of its hyper collapsed data center technology that aims to revolutionize the economics of operating and maintaining datacenters. Vapor IO integrates sensor technology into datacenters to help customers more effectively understand attributes about datacenter operational performance. The integrated sensor technology enables the optimization of datacenter resources by tracking metrics such as rack temperature, humidity, cost per kilowatt hour, cost per VM in a public cloud and measured PoE by means of its Open Data Center Runtime Environment technology (Open DCRE). In addition to Open DCRE, the principal components of which have been contributed to the Open Compute Project, Vapor IO introduces Core Operating Runtime Environment (CORE), a product that works in both Open Compute and traditional IT environments. While details of Vapor IO’s CORE solution remain scarce, we do know that its larger vision of rendering datacenter management more efficient roughly coincides with Mesosphere, the company that aims to manage datacenters as one discrete machine in contrast to a heterogeneous assemblage of networking, software and hardware. As told to Cloud Computing Today in an interview with Vapor CEO Cole Crawford, Vapor IO aims to increase datacenter density to reduce capex and opex in recognition of the enhanced computing power and resources required for the emerging internet of things space and its attendant deluge of data. Expect Vapor IO’s technology to gain traction as enterprises increasingly seek methods to manage ever increasing data ingestion volumes and their concomitant requirements for operational simplicity and intelligence with respect to computing resources.