Vapor IO Emerges From Stealth To Deliver “Hyper Collapsed” Datacenter Technology

Vapor IO today emerges from stealth mode to reveal details of its hyper collapsed data center technology that aims to revolutionize the economics of operating and maintaining datacenters. Vapor IO integrates sensor technology into datacenters to help customers more effectively understand attributes about datacenter operational performance. The integrated sensor technology enables the optimization of datacenter resources by tracking metrics such as rack temperature, humidity, cost per kilowatt hour, cost per VM in a public cloud and measured PoE by means of its Open Data Center Runtime Environment technology (Open DCRE). In addition to Open DCRE, the principal components of which have been contributed to the Open Compute Project, Vapor IO introduces Core Operating Runtime Environment (CORE), a product that works in both Open Compute and traditional IT environments. While details of Vapor IO’s CORE solution remain scarce, we do know that its larger vision of rendering datacenter management more efficient roughly coincides with Mesosphere, the company that aims to manage datacenters as one discrete machine in contrast to a heterogeneous assemblage of networking, software and hardware. As told to Cloud Computing Today in an interview with Vapor CEO Cole Crawford, Vapor IO aims to increase datacenter density to reduce capex and opex in recognition of the enhanced computing power and resources required for the emerging internet of things space and its attendant deluge of data. Expect Vapor IO’s technology to gain traction as enterprises increasingly seek methods to manage ever increasing data ingestion volumes and their concomitant requirements for operational simplicity and intelligence with respect to computing resources.

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