Vapor IO Announces General Availability Of OpenDCRE API For Data Center Management And Monitoring

On November 18, Vapor IO announced the general availability of the Open Data Center Runtime Environment (OpenDCRE) project, the open source API for the company’s hyper-collapsed infrastructure solution. OpenDCRE innovates with respect to Intel’s seventeen year old Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) in ways that facilitate enhanced data center infrastructure automation. The OpenDCRE API can be used to monitor and proactively manage data center environments to modulate metrics related to power consumption, temperature and energy consumption. The OpenDCRE API can be used to render current data center interfaces accessible to data center operators and facilitate the automation of the physical infrastructure within a data center. By bringing increased automation to contemporary data center management, the OpenDCRE API empowers data center operators to more effectively manage the heterogeneity of software and hardware as noted by Vapor CEO Cole Crawford below:

Data centers have proven to be nothing short of problematic. This is primarily due to poorly integrated systems, legacy software and hardware, and the disjointed approach the industry takes to building out data center environments. As IT prepares to support edge based computing, it is imperative we manage and orchestrate our infrastructure as a whole with no prejudice as to where or how many data centers are employed to support our workloads. This is a large feat and we’re thrilled to have support from partners like Future Facilities and Romonet as we move forward.

Here, Crawford remarks on fragmentation within the contemporary data center and the corresponding need to “manage and orchestrate our infrastructure as a whole.” The OpenDCRE can be deployed in both large scale data center environments within the enterprise and amongst service providers as well as in smaller deployments. Additionally, OpenDCRE works in cloud-based environments including private clouds and public clouds. The OpenDCRE API supports SSL, power control and analog sensors by means of a RESTful API. Vapor IO’s announcement of the general availability of OpenDCRE comes in conjunction with news of support from the likes of Future Facilities and Romonet. Expect Vapor IO to consolidate its early traction as the movement toward enhanced data center automation and energy-efficient, environmentally friendly data center management continues to gain steam.

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