Vapor IO Partners With Bloom Energy To Deliver Hypercollapsed Energy Efficient Data Centers

On August 17, Vapor IO announced a partnership with Bloom Energy that combines Vapor’s hyper collapsed data center architecture with Bloom Energy’s fuel cell technology. Bloom Energy provides economical energy solutions for data centers all over the world. By partnering with Vapor IO, Bloom Energy acquires the ability to deliver an energy efficient, hyper collapsed data center solution that boasts low emissions in conjunction with real-time analytics about data center energy consumption. As told to Cloud Computing Today in an interview with Vapor CEO Cole Crawford, Vapor has the ability to deliver not only real-time analytics about energy consumption, but also prescriptive analytics that guide the implementation of optimization of energy efficient infrastructure configurations based on historical data and trend analytics. The partnership between Bloom Energy and Vapor marks the realization of a data defined solution as represented by Vapor’s hyper collapsed reference architecture, in contrast to the bevy of software defined solutions available for a variety of products in the market today. The collaboration affirms Vapor IO’s value proposition as a hyper collapsed data center platform that delivers prescriptive analytics about infrastructure performance and symptomatically illustrates the vitality of the larger conversation within the industry about converged infrastructures that improve data center efficiency in conjunction with increasingly granular analytics. Meanwhile, the other counterpoint to Vapor IO’s story consists of its role in facilitating more environmentally friendly technology deployments, a point rendered all the more emphatic given its partnership with Bloom Energy and its fuel cell technology.

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