Vapor IO To Use Applied Microcircuits HeliX 2 Quad Core ARM Processor For Its Hyper Modular Data Center Management Solution

Hyper modular data center vendor Vapor IO (Vapor) has announced a partnership with Applied Microcircuits Corporation marked by Vapor’s use of the HeliX 2 quad-core ARM processor from Applied Microcircuits. Vapor IO will use the Applied Microcircuits processor to power its Vapor Edge Controller, a controller that delivers high performance, low power consumption and an integrated 64-bit memory controller. The Vapor Edge Controller delivers intelligent, automated management of datacenters with sensitivity to key performance metrics such as power consumption, rack temperature, humidity and cost per kilowatt hour. The ability of the Vapor Edge Controller to deliver analytics about data center management with rack-level granularity, powered by the HeliX 2 quad-core, marks yet another notable milestone in the evolution of Vapor IO’s disruptive, hyper-converged data center management technology. Vapor IO’s partnership with Applied Microcircuits Corporation enhances Vapor’s hyper modular data center management solution by amplifying its data driven, intelligent analytics and management capabilities.

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