Vapor IO Announces Series A Funding Round For Its Intelligent, Automated, Hyper-Converged Data Center Management Solution

On December 3, Vapor IO (Vapor) announced a Series A funding round led by Goldman Sachs with additional participation from AVX partners. The funding will be used to accelerate product development as well as sales and marketing operations, with a focus on expanding the talent of Vapor’s engineering team. Founded by open source and industry thought leader Cole Crawford, Vapor IO specializes in a hyper-collapsed infrastructure solution that allows companies to manage a datacenter as if it were one unit. Vapor’s hyper converged data center empowers data center operators to proactively manage and automate a handful of metrics such as power consumption, rack temperature, humidity and cost per kilowatt hour. The platform transforms data center management from the task of managing a heterogeneous and fragmented constellation of hardware, software and networking components into an automated, intelligent solution that leverages data-driven analytics to simplify, streamline and enhance the operational management of data centers. Vapor IO’s Series A capital raise builds upon its recent announcement about the open sourcing of the OpenDCRE API that can be used to automate data center management and monitoring. As a result of the capital raise, Tom Jessop, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs and Chris Pacitti of AVX Partners will join Vapor IO’s board of directors. Expect to hear more in the way of product-related innovations from Vapor IO in upcoming months as its Series A round enables the expansion of its engineering team and a more complete implementation of the convergence of telemetry and data center management that draws upon CEO Cole Crawford’s extensive experience with open source technologies as former Executive Director of the Open Compute Project and co-founder of OpenStack.

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