Trifacta Partners With Infosys To Render Its Data Wrangling Platform Available To Infosys Information Platform

On April 27, Trifacta announced a partnership with Infosys that delivers a data wrangling solution for the Infosys Information Platform and many of its other software platforms. As a result of the partnership, Infosys clients can take advantage of Trifacta’s data exploration and data transformation’s capabilities to more effectively understand a universe of data as a complement to more targeted data management and data analytics methodologies. Ritka Suri, SVP of Corporate Development at Infosys, noted that “Trifacta’s market-leading technology will enable Infosys clients to bring together diverse and disparate data into a more digestible form for downstream analysis,” and empower clients to expedite their return on investments in Big Data. Meanwhile, Infosys contributed to Trifacta’s Growth Stage financing and joins an illustrious roster of investors that include Accel Partners, Cathay Innovation, Greylock Partners and Ignition Partners. The partnership between Trifacta and the Infosys Information Platform promises to accelerate Trifacta’s global expansion and builds upon Trifacta’s partnership with Cathay Innovation to consolidate its market expansion in Asia by spearheading its expansion into South Asia in conjunction with Cathay’s connections in East Asia.


Trifacta Announces $35M In Funding For Its Data Wrangling Software

Trifacta today announced the finalization of $35M in funding from Accel Partners, Greylock Partners, Ignition Partners and new investor Cathay Innovation. The funding will be used to support the company’s explosive growth by scaling operations and accelerating product innovation. The funding raise comes head on the heels of a remarkable year for Trifacta marked by an increase in sales of 700% and the addition of users at 3000 companies spanning 105 countries around the world. 2015 represented a watershed year for Trifacta, whose data wrangling software enables users to prepare and explore large datasets for analytics and data visualization. In a data landscape featuring an abundance of applications that focus on data analytics and visualization, Trifacta’s data wrangling software differentiates by empowering business users to cleanse, normalize and standardize data for more advanced analytics. Moreover, Trifacta delivers data integration functionality automates and streamlines the ability to explore and analyze data from disparate sources featuring discrepant column headers and identifiers. Expect Trifacta to continue building on its brisk 2015 momentum as it continues to innovate on its data wrangling, data exploration and data discovery platform while pushing into new markets and expanding its presence in existing ones. The addition of Cathay Innovation to the company’s roster of investors sets the stage for new business execution and growth in France and China given that the fund is based in Paris and Shanghai. Today’s capital raise brings the total funding raised by Trifacta to $76M.

Trifacta Announces Release Of Trifacta Wrangler, Free, Desktop Version Of Trifacta’s Data Wrangling Functionality

Trifacta today announced the release of Trifacta Wrangler, a desktop version of Trifacta’s data wrangling solution that is available for free. Trifacta Wrangler democratizes access to Trifacta’s data transformation and preparation tools by giving anyone with an interest in exploring large datasets the ability to take advantage of Trifacta’s data wrangling toolset. The release of Trifacta Wrangler enables data transformation, exploration and preparation from an end user’s personal machine, thereby extending Trifacta’s functionality to business stakeholders interested in sampling Trifacta’s data wrangling capabilities. Jeffrey Heer, co-founder and chief experience officer at Trifacta, remarked on the significance of Trifacta Wrangler and data more preparation more generally as follows:

Data preparation is the elephant in the room when it comes to productive data visualization. Tools have emerged that allow all of us to visualize clean, structured data in a meaningful way, but preparing data for those tools takes up nearly 80 percent of the overall analysis. With Trifacta Wrangler, we are addressing the tremendous inbound interest in using Trifacta outside of the Hadoop ecosystem and empowering self-service data users to work hands on to wrangle raw data in an intuitive and visual way that is complimentary to the analysis tools they are already using.

As Heer notes, Trifacta responds to the business need for data preparation as a preliminary step toward data analysis and the larger project of deriving actionable business intelligence from large data sets. In the specific case of Trifacta Wrangler, non-Hadoop users with data stored in Excel or Microsoft Access can take advantage of Trifacta’s data preparation and exploration functionality to understand the landscape of their data as an introductory step toward executing more focused and granular analytic operations. With the release of Trifacta Wrangler, business stakeholders and data scientists alike can now sample Trifacta’s data wrangling capabilities at no cost and subsequently reflect on the potentialities of Trifacta Enterprise, Trifacta’s flagship product, for their organization and work. Expect interest in Trifacta to continue to skyrocket as increased and expanded user experience with the product breeds familiarity that converts to sales.

Trifacta v3 Enhances Data Governance While Improving User Productivity

On September 22, Trifacta announced the release of Trifacta version 3, featuring notable improvements related to data governance and user empowerment. Trifacta specializes in data wrangling for analytics focused around data exploration in ways that enable users to quickly understand the landscape of big data sets as a preliminary step toward performing more focused analytics. Trifacta v3 features enhancements to user productivity marked by the introduction of visual “transformation cards” that graphically represent the Trifacta platform’s suggestions for intelligently transforming data. This release’s emphasis on user empowerment also supports automated multi-dataset transformations, column-aware transforms as well as enhanced connectivity to external datasources such as Hive, Amazon S3 and relational databases. With respect to data governance, Trifacta now boasts support for Hadoop security standards such as Kerberos in addition to LDAP integration as well as role-based access control. Moreover, the platform delivers metadata and lineage functionality that allows users to understand the history of data fields in conjunction with the scripts and transformations that have variously contributed to the emergence of different data objects and their associated metadata.

Finally, Trifacta v3 also features operationalization functionality marked by support for schedulers Chronos and Tidal, and advanced scheduling capabilities that allow for the automated scheduling of exploratory transformations and big data analytics as required by customers. Taken together, Trifacta version 3’s emphasis on security, metadata and lineage and operationalization deliver enterprise-grade data governance that empowers customers to deploy Trifacta within enterprise environments while securely managing the concurrent deployment and operationalization of multiple jobs and data explorations by a multitude of business units and teams. Meanwhile, the platform’s enhancements to user experience continue to bolster its unique position as one of the most powerful data wrangling platforms in the big data space, particularly insofar as it specializes in exploratory and data wrangling capabilities that differentiate it from the bevy of available business intelligence and reporting platforms available today. Trifacta’s data governance functionality promises it to accelerate its adoption within the enterprise given the strength of the platform’s functionality for supporting disparate teams and use cases within an enterprise environment. Expect Trifacta to expand on its niche within the big data wrangling space by continuing to enhance its differentiation from business intelligence and big data analytics vendors.

Trifacta’s Deepened Integration With Tableau Streamlines Visualization Of Hadoop Data

Trifacta recently announced a deeper integration of its Data Transformation platform with Tableau, the leader in data visualization and business intelligence, as a key feature of the release of the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform 1.5. The Trifacta Data Transformation Platform 1.5 allows customers to export Trifacta data to a Tableau Data Extract format or register it with Hadoop’s HCatalog to facilitate the integration of Hadoop-based data from Trifacta into Tableau. Trifacta’s Chief Strategy Officer Joe Hellerstein remarked on the significance of the deeper integration with Tableau as follows:

Tableau creates huge opportunities for effectively analyzing data, but working with big data poses specific challenges. The most significant barriers come from structuring, distilling and automating the transfer of data from Hadoop. Our integration removes these barriers in a way that complements self-service data analysis. Now, Trifacta and Tableau users can move directly from big data in Hadoop to powerful, interactive visualizations.

Trifacta’s ability to output data to Tableau Data Extract format means that its customers can more seamlessly integrate Trifacta data with Tableau and reap the benefits of its renowned data visualization capabilities. The Trifacta Data Transformation platform specializes in enhancing analyst productivity in relation to Big Data sets by delivering a machine learning-based user interface that allows analysts to explore, transform, cleanse, visualize and manipulate massive data sets. Moreover, Trifacta’s predictive interaction technology iteratively learns from analyst behavior and offers users guided suggestions about productive paths for data discovery and exploration. The announcement of Trifacta’s deepened integration with Tableau means that Trifacta data which has experienced a process of transformation now encounters a streamlined segue to the Tableau platform. Meanwhile, the deepened partnership between the two vendors positions Tableau to consolidate its market positioning as the de facto business intelligence platform for Hadoop-based data.

Trifacta Partners With Hortonworks To Certify Trifacta Data Transformation Platform On Hortonworks Data Platform

Trifacta today announced that its Trifacta Data Transformation Platform has been certified for use with Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1 (HDP) by means of the Hortonworks Certified Technology Program. The certification ensures the compatibility of the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform with the latest Hortonworks Data Platform and thereby positions Trifacta’s technology to integrate with enterprise-grade deployments of the Hortonworks Hadoop distribution. Today’s announcement further validates the value of the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform as a technology platform that facilitates the derivation of actionable business intelligence from Hadoop by rendering it easier for analysts to visualize and engage with Hadoop-based data in conjunction with machine learning-based suggestions regarding data transformations and analytics. Trifacta’s partnership with Hortonworks builds upon recent news of its $25M Series C raise and the finalization of an analogous collaboration with Hadoop vendor Cloudera. In March, Trifacta announced a partnership with Cloudera that ensures the compatibility of Trifacta’s Data Transformation Platform with the Cloudera Hadoop ecosystem.

Now that Trifacta has inked deals to certify its Data Transformation Platform with the two Hadoop market share leaders, Cloudera and Hortonworks, the Big Data space should expect enterprise deployments of its platform to accelerate as Trifacta solidifies its branding as the de facto platform for the transformation, cleansing and guided exploration of Hadoop-based data. The platform’s value proposition consists in the reduction of time to insight with respect to actionable business intelligence derived from Hadoop-based data, its ability to enhance analyst productivity and to iteratively deliver more nuanced guidance regarding data transformations of interest by means of its machine learning-based technology. Expect Trifacta to continue expanding its range of strategic partnerships in the forthcoming months as it leverages its recent funding to position itself at the forefront of enterprise technologies regarding the effective operationalization of Big Data.