Trifacta Partners With Infosys To Render Its Data Wrangling Platform Available To Infosys Information Platform

On April 27, Trifacta announced a partnership with Infosys that delivers a data wrangling solution for the Infosys Information Platform and many of its other software platforms. As a result of the partnership, Infosys clients can take advantage of Trifacta’s data exploration and data transformation’s capabilities to more effectively understand a universe of data as a complement to more targeted data management and data analytics methodologies. Ritka Suri, SVP of Corporate Development at Infosys, noted that “Trifacta’s market-leading technology will enable Infosys clients to bring together diverse and disparate data into a more digestible form for downstream analysis,” and empower clients to expedite their return on investments in Big Data. Meanwhile, Infosys contributed to Trifacta’s Growth Stage financing and joins an illustrious roster of investors that include Accel Partners, Cathay Innovation, Greylock Partners and Ignition Partners. The partnership between Trifacta and the Infosys Information Platform promises to accelerate Trifacta’s global expansion and builds upon Trifacta’s partnership with Cathay Innovation to consolidate its market expansion in Asia by spearheading its expansion into South Asia in conjunction with Cathay’s connections in East Asia.

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