Trifacta v3 Enhances Data Governance While Improving User Productivity

On September 22, Trifacta announced the release of Trifacta version 3, featuring notable improvements related to data governance and user empowerment. Trifacta specializes in data wrangling for analytics focused around data exploration in ways that enable users to quickly understand the landscape of big data sets as a preliminary step toward performing more focused analytics. Trifacta v3 features enhancements to user productivity marked by the introduction of visual “transformation cards” that graphically represent the Trifacta platform’s suggestions for intelligently transforming data. This release’s emphasis on user empowerment also supports automated multi-dataset transformations, column-aware transforms as well as enhanced connectivity to external datasources such as Hive, Amazon S3 and relational databases. With respect to data governance, Trifacta now boasts support for Hadoop security standards such as Kerberos in addition to LDAP integration as well as role-based access control. Moreover, the platform delivers metadata and lineage functionality that allows users to understand the history of data fields in conjunction with the scripts and transformations that have variously contributed to the emergence of different data objects and their associated metadata.

Finally, Trifacta v3 also features operationalization functionality marked by support for schedulers Chronos and Tidal, and advanced scheduling capabilities that allow for the automated scheduling of exploratory transformations and big data analytics as required by customers. Taken together, Trifacta version 3’s emphasis on security, metadata and lineage and operationalization deliver enterprise-grade data governance that empowers customers to deploy Trifacta within enterprise environments while securely managing the concurrent deployment and operationalization of multiple jobs and data explorations by a multitude of business units and teams. Meanwhile, the platform’s enhancements to user experience continue to bolster its unique position as one of the most powerful data wrangling platforms in the big data space, particularly insofar as it specializes in exploratory and data wrangling capabilities that differentiate it from the bevy of available business intelligence and reporting platforms available today. Trifacta’s data governance functionality promises it to accelerate its adoption within the enterprise given the strength of the platform’s functionality for supporting disparate teams and use cases within an enterprise environment. Expect Trifacta to expand on its niche within the big data wrangling space by continuing to enhance its differentiation from business intelligence and big data analytics vendors.

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