CumuLogic Cloud Application Platform Turns IaaS and Virtualized Environments To Java PaaS

CumuLogic recently revealed the general availability of the CumuLogic Cloud Application Platform version 1.0, a platform that can transform Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and virtualized environments to Java-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) environments. The platform can transform IaaS platforms such as OpenStack, Citrix CloudStack and VMware vSphere to a PaaS environment, thereby creating a simplified development environment for developers who wish to develop within a Java-based infrastructure. Unlike many PaaS vendors that focus fundamentally on application development infrastructures, CumuLogic’s solution addresses the challenges of deployment and management of cloud-based applications:

As CumuLogic platform manages the entire lifecycle of applications in clouds, it’s more than just a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). PaaS technologies typically focus on application development, rather than deployment. Deploying and managing applications in clouds such as VMware, Citrix or OpenStack requires not only thoroughly architecting the applications, but also figuring out how to build redundancy, monitoring, scaling, performance and availability aspects. CumuLogic platform provides a high level of automation to deliver application services and keep them running.

The CumuLogic Cloud Application Platform enables enterprises to quickly build a unified cloud infrastructure from a constellation of heterogeneous virtualized environments. The platform focuses on application deployment and management to a Java PaaS, whether from applications developed for mobile, web, enterprise, HTML5 or otherwise.


CumuLogic Offers Its PaaS Platform To Academic Institutions With No Licensing Cost

PaaS vendor CumuLogic declared that “accredited universities and academic institutions” will be able to license its platform at no cost today. The move is expected to initiate a reciprocal exercise of influence whereby universities drive innovation amongst CumuLogic’s products and services and CumuLogic, conversely, fosters innovation in university research and teaching. Innovation at the academic level is likely to result not only from the deployment of PaaS platforms for scientific research, but also from collaborative online educational platforms and platforms for enriched educational content delivery. The academic space also represents a powerful seeding ground for CumuLogic’s PaaS platform given its proximity to students and faculty seeking innovative ways of deploying cloud technology in business schools, student led innovation groups, faculty applying for grants or otherwise. CumuLogic PaaS supports both private PaaS platforms as well as deployment in multiple IaaS environments such as Amazon EC2, Citrix CloudStack, OpenStack and Eucalyptus.

As PaaS adoption ramps up, cloud and analytics vendors are finding ways to seed their products in different ecosystems. Last week, Microsoft launched a startup accelerator intended to promote Azure adoption amongst Israel’s startup community. Meanwhile, Jaspersoft announced plans to distribute the community edition of its software with Red Hat’s OpenShift in January.