Logentries Announces Free Log Auditing and Reporting Service For AWS

On April 15, Logentries announced an AWS CloudTrail log auditing service that aggregates log data produced by the Logentries Data Insights Service into a weekly report that provides insight into an AWS infrastructure. In filtering, aggregating and delivering data visualizations of log data, the CloudTrail log auditing report facilitates access to actionable business intelligence regarding log data by taking the onus of log data analytics away from the customer. Log data in the CloudTrail report features metrics related to the most active users, common security-related actions, unauthorized access, system activity over time and a categorization of AWS errors with metadata on their frequency. Logentries CEO Trevor Parsons elaborated on the significance of analytics on log data by noting that the “signal to noise ratio” for large volumes of log data can be low, meaning that the amount of meaningful log data within a particular log dataset is often disproportionately small in comparison to the larger volume of log data. Because of the way in which the most significant log data is often buried within a haystack of log data that effectively constitutes “noise,” the Logentries Data Insights Service is all the more useful because it gives customers enhanced access to the most salient insights from their log data. Available in May, the free AWS CloudTrail log auditing service can be accessed by Logentries customers with AWS deployments by signing up for the AWS CloudTrail weekly report via email.


Logentries Debuts the First Unlimited, On-Demand Log Management & Analytics Service


New Cloud-Based Service Breaks the Traditional “Pay-for-Everything” Log Management Model to Relieve Complexity and Increase Flexibility

Boston, Massachusetts (November 10th, 2014) – Logentries, the leading log management and analytics service built for the cloud, today announced its unlimited log management and analytics service. By allowing users to centralize all of their log data – from any source and in any format – at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers, the Logentries log management service now offers users an easy, affordable option to access and analyze unlimited volumes of log data in real-time, on an as-needed basis.

“With billions of important application and system transactions occurring daily, we want to capture all of our machine data from every source in one location,” said Andronikos Nedos, CTO, FieldAware. “With Logentries unlimited approach to collecting, storing and analyzing our log data, we can easily isolate specific log events from any source, over any time period, and get answers to our questions more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.”

Unlike traditional log management and analytics services that require users to predetermine what information to log and charge costly fees to capture that data, Logentries lets users log everything without incurring significant upfront costs, while also enabling users to analyze any of their log data on-demand. By extending its proprietary pre-processing and real-time analytics engine, Logentries’ Unlimited Data Technology dynamically routes log data from devices in real time for immediate analysis, or directs it to unlimited storage for future analysis. The on-demand ingestion technology gives users comprehensive access to all important log data events so IT and Dev Ops always have the option to immediately retrieve their data from storage and answer tough questions about application performance, system behavior, user experience and business trends over extended periods of time.

Offering both unlimited data storage and on-demand analytics, Logentries provides users:

•Unlimited log centralization and re-ingestion from long-term storage and immediate access to logs on-demand.
•All-inclusive support for any type of log, from any device, database, operating system or custom log format.
•Real-time visibility and monitoring of machine log data across the entire software stack for deep correlation across all components of the infrastructure rather than limiting it to application metrics.

“Our customeras continue to tell us about the importance of capturing and analyzing all of their log data to improve their operational decision making. The traditional model where users were forced to predetermine what log data they should capture, while also being charged on a variable, pay-for-everything model limits customer flexibility and leads to excessive cost,” said Andrew Burton, CEO of Logentries. “Our new unlimited, on-demand service enables virtually any IT and DevOps team to take full advantage of their log data, combining the benefits of real-time monitoring with the option to maintain all log data for on-demand forensics and analytics.”

The Logentries Unlimited, On-Demand Log Management service starts at $359/month and includes logging unlimited data from up to 40 hosts. Users can customize and adjust the number of hosts, the size of their real-time Log Cache, and which data is analyzed in real-time or logged for on-demand analytics. With custom tagging and filtering, users can correlate security and performance issues with broader infrastructure activity including application usage, server metrics, and user behavior. To learn more about Logentries or to get started with a free, all-inclusive 30-day trial of the Logentries service, visit http://logentries.com.

About Logentries
Logentries is the leading log management and analytics service built for the cloud, making business insights from machine-generated log data easily accessible to development, IT and business operations teams of all sizes. With the broadest platform support and an open API, Logentries brings the value of log-level data to any system, to any team member, and to a community of more than 35,000 worldwide users. While traditional log management and analytics solutions require advanced technical skills to use, and are costly to set-up, Logentries provides an unlimited, on-demand alternative designed for managing huge amounts of data, visualizing insights that matter, and sharing that information across its global user community. To sign up for the free Logentries service, visit http://www.logentries.com.

Logentries Adds Automated Alerts And Notifications To Its Log Management Platform

Logentries recently announced the availability of “anomaly detection and inactivity alerting” as part of its cloud-based log management platform. The newly available anomaly detection functionality allows customers to proactively identify aberrant system or user behavior toward the end of resolving issues as expeditiously as possible. In addition to using Logentries to store log data and run customized analytics to understand machine data-related trends, Logentries now delivers alerts and notifications that notify IT administrators about anomalous behavior as exemplified by potential security breaches, malfunctioning infrastructure components or underperforming applications. The platform’s push-based notifications leverage machine-learning technology that iteratively increases its understanding of the typical behavior of a specific IT infrastructure inclusive of seasonal or even daily and hourly fluctuations in user activity and its corresponding machine data. To set up alerts, customers specify tags that are applied to incoming log data that can be used to create real-time alerts that are received via “text, PagerDuty, HipChat, Campfire, and other webhook APIs.” Alerts and notifications can also be created by means of the Logentries Open API that allows users to transmit log data from select devices with the Logentries platform. Overall, Thursday’s announcement marks a significant addition to the Logentries platform’s suite of features and functionality by providing out of the box alerts and notifications in contrast to the customized identification of exceptions by means of business intelligence platforms such as Tableau. Expect Logentries to continue building out its analytics and data visualization functionality for machine data as it attempts to deliver a nimbler and simpler alternative to machine data analytics vendors such as Splunk.

Logentries Enhances Log Management And Analytics Platform With DevOps-Focused Collaboration Functionality

Log management and analytics vendor Logentries today announced an enhancement to its platform marked by the availability of a suite of collaboration features that improve the ability of teams to analyze and share insights regarding log data. Users of the Logentries platform can now annotate log data, share dashboards and send automated notifications to individuals and groups. The newly released collaboration functionality enhances the ability of the platform to serve the needs of DevOps teams that demand real-time agility with respect to log data analytics as well as the ability to communicate their observations regarding log data. The real-time collaboration functionality enabled by today’s release of the Logentries platform empowers DevOps professionals to more efficaciously identify root causes for issues such as system downtime, diminished application performance or networking-related bottlenecks as illustrated by the screenshot below.

The graphic above illustrates the annotation capability specific to today’s release. The annotation on the 404 Failure identifies an issue on a development server that may pertain to production servers as well. Logentries further instantiates the theme of accessibility and collaboration by enabling users to search log data using natural language and a click-through user interface that frees analysts from the need to write complex queries to understand the significance of log data. The platform also leverages a pre-processing engine that powers its analytics and data visualization capabilities in ways that deliver actionable business intelligence regarding real-time data. As told to Cloud Computing Today by Logentries CEO Andrew Burton, the Logentries platform can be used to understand data within on premise, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud environments. The platform differentiates itself from the likes of Splunk, Loggly and Sumo Logic by means of enhanced data visualization and collaboration functionality that renders the platform amenable to business stakeholders that have little or no experience with scripting languages. Logentries plays in the hot machine analytics space with a platform whose rich analytics, collaboration and UI render it distinctive. Expect to hear more about the progress of Logentries as it builds on its 25,000 user base in subsequent months.