Logentries Announces Free Log Auditing and Reporting Service For AWS

On April 15, Logentries announced an AWS CloudTrail log auditing service that aggregates log data produced by the Logentries Data Insights Service into a weekly report that provides insight into an AWS infrastructure. In filtering, aggregating and delivering data visualizations of log data, the CloudTrail log auditing report facilitates access to actionable business intelligence regarding log data by taking the onus of log data analytics away from the customer. Log data in the CloudTrail report features metrics related to the most active users, common security-related actions, unauthorized access, system activity over time and a categorization of AWS errors with metadata on their frequency. Logentries CEO Trevor Parsons elaborated on the significance of analytics on log data by noting that the “signal to noise ratio” for large volumes of log data can be low, meaning that the amount of meaningful log data within a particular log dataset is often disproportionately small in comparison to the larger volume of log data. Because of the way in which the most significant log data is often buried within a haystack of log data that effectively constitutes “noise,” the Logentries Data Insights Service is all the more useful because it gives customers enhanced access to the most salient insights from their log data. Available in May, the free AWS CloudTrail log auditing service can be accessed by Logentries customers with AWS deployments by signing up for the AWS CloudTrail weekly report via email.

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