Paycor Releases Workforce Insights to Provide Business Intelligence Derived from Workforce-related Data Using Advanced Data Visualization

Paycor has announced the availability of Workforce Insights, a platform that delivers workforce-related business intelligence to HR and Operational leaders about employees within an organization. Workforce Insights provides analytics into data related to topics such as overtime pay, turnover, contract labor and resource management. Customers can use Workforce Insights to understand discrepancies between scheduled and overtime pay per business unit as well as correlations between OSHA safety incidents and overtime as illustrated below:


Paycor’s Workforce Insights absolves customers of the challenge of extracting data from disparate platforms and subsequently cleansing, integrating and analyzing the resultant data to produce actionable insights. The platform’s interactive dashboards accelerate time to insight by delivering visually rich analytics that enable users to identify trends and root causes of people-related issues in small to mid-size businesses. Users have the ability to customize dashboards to enhance access to insights trends within the workforce that they manage. The platform delivers a treasure trove of analytics into people-related issues that facilitate more effective management of a workforce, with opportunities to segment analytics and focus on areas of the organization of interest. As such, Workforce Insights represents a powerful complement to HR data about salary and attrition because of its rich visualization capabilities and focus on actionable business intelligence for operational leaders.

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