ExtraHop And Sumo Logic Collaborate To Deliver IT Insights That Combine Wire And Log Data

Wire data analytics leader ExtraHop and machine data analytics vendor Sumo Logic recently announced a partnership whereby ExtraHop’s wire data will complement machine data aggregated by Sumo Logic’s cloud platform. The partnership brings together ExtraHop’s leadership in wire data analytics and Sumo Logic’s recognized machine data analytics platform to create a unified framework for event detection and management. As a result of the collaboration, ExtraHop’s Open Data Stream delivers real-time, streaming feeds of wire data to Sumo Logic’s platform for aggregating and analyzing machine data. Meanwhile, Sumo Logic customers enjoy access to a more comprehensive universe of data about an IT infrastructure and its constituent set of applications and networking topology. ExtraHop’s real-time wire data enhances Sumo Logic’s cloud-based machine data platform with L2-L7 wire data as illustrated below:

The ExtraHop dashboard depicted above elaborates the ability of the ExtraHop platform to analyze wire data that contains insights regarding application performance, security and infrastructure availability. The Sumo Logic dashboard shows the integration of ExtraHop’s wire data into its platform and its corresponding user interface. ExtraHop’s partnership with SumoLogic delivers real-time data feeds to Sumo Logic’s cloud platform that are ingested into Sumo Logic’s cloud platform for the purpose of delivering actionable business intelligence about the health of IT infrastructures based on the aggregation of log and wire data. The graphics differentially illustrate how ExtraHop’s wire data enriches Sumo Logic’s aggregation of machine data by providing it with an additional dataset that Sumo Logic’s cloud platform can integrate into its massive, multi-tenant unstructured cloud database built on Amazon Web Services to deliver advanced analytics and data visualization regarding the detection of infrastructure and application related events.

Mark Musselman, Vice President, Strategic Alliances at Sumo Logic, remarked on the significance of the partnership between ExtraHop and Sumo Logic as follows:

Adding ExtraHop data as a new source into the Sumo Logic service for proactive analysis against other feeds enables IT teams to gain deeper performance, security and business insights from across IT infrastructure. Sumo Logic’s cloud-native architecture means the service serves an aggregation point for diverse data sources. The result is an IT team that acts on timely information from within their infrastructure – even information they did not know to ask for. A critical piece to the puzzle lies in Sumo Logic’s Anomaly Detection, a proprietary capability that delivers insight from patterns in data and insights beyond what IT teams themselves know to query.

Here, Musselman comments on the way in which ExtraHop’s data facilitates “deeper performance, security and business insights” by serving as an additional data source that enables advanced analytics about enterprise IT architectures. The integrated data repository marked by the confluence of ExtraHop wire data and Sumo Logic log data leverages Sumo Logic’s proprietary advanced analytics and machine learning technology to deliver notifications about events of interest within the infrastructure while iteratively refining those same alerts in correspondence with the actions initiated by the recipients of those same notifications. In all, the partnership between ExtraHop and Sumo Logic underscores the significance of wire data for analytics related to machine data analytics and the internet of things while concurrently enriching the capabilities of Sumo Logic’s cloud-based log management and analytics platform. With ExtraHop’s real-time wire data now streaming into the Sumo Logic platform, the case for a Sumo Logic IPO grows stronger while ExtraHop similarly benefits from enumerating the value of its wire data aggregation and analytics technology.


Logentries Adds Automated Alerts And Notifications To Its Log Management Platform

Logentries recently announced the availability of “anomaly detection and inactivity alerting” as part of its cloud-based log management platform. The newly available anomaly detection functionality allows customers to proactively identify aberrant system or user behavior toward the end of resolving issues as expeditiously as possible. In addition to using Logentries to store log data and run customized analytics to understand machine data-related trends, Logentries now delivers alerts and notifications that notify IT administrators about anomalous behavior as exemplified by potential security breaches, malfunctioning infrastructure components or underperforming applications. The platform’s push-based notifications leverage machine-learning technology that iteratively increases its understanding of the typical behavior of a specific IT infrastructure inclusive of seasonal or even daily and hourly fluctuations in user activity and its corresponding machine data. To set up alerts, customers specify tags that are applied to incoming log data that can be used to create real-time alerts that are received via “text, PagerDuty, HipChat, Campfire, and other webhook APIs.” Alerts and notifications can also be created by means of the Logentries Open API that allows users to transmit log data from select devices with the Logentries platform. Overall, Thursday’s announcement marks a significant addition to the Logentries platform’s suite of features and functionality by providing out of the box alerts and notifications in contrast to the customized identification of exceptions by means of business intelligence platforms such as Tableau. Expect Logentries to continue building out its analytics and data visualization functionality for machine data as it attempts to deliver a nimbler and simpler alternative to machine data analytics vendors such as Splunk.