DigitalOcean’s Newly Released Free Monitoring Service Empowers Customers to Track Operational Health of their Droplets

On April 4, DigitalOcean announced the availability of a monitoring service that gives developers enhanced insight into the operational health of their DigitalOcean Droplets. Capabilities of the monitoring service include the ability to monitor the CPU of each Droplet in addition to disk utilization, network traffic and top processes. The new, free monitoring service means that DigitalOcean customers now have access to real-time data about the health of their deployments by means of the platform’s automated capabilities to deliver performance-related data regarding their Droplets. Available via an intuitive visual interface that empowers customers to create alerts and notifications, DigitalOcean’s monitoring service enables developers to create alerts based on upper and lower bounds for metrics of interest as illustrated below:

DigitalOcean Monitoring 2The user friendly monitoring interface enables resources without scripting skills to define and set parameters for monitoring each Droplet, thereby democratizing the ability of teams to monitor the operational health of Droplets. Moreover, the monitoring service absolves customers of the need to write custom code to monitor the health of their deployments by relying, instead, on an intuitive platform that accelerates the ability of customers to identify and troubleshoot performance issues. The release of DigitalOcean’s monitoring service follows-up on the company’s release of load balancing functionality in February and marks yet another significant step in DigitalOcean’s transformation from an IaaS platform geared primarily toward developers and startups, to one that can accommodate the needs of larger applications, workloads and organizations. Given that 2017 already features the release of load balancing and monitoring for its IaaS platform, existing and prospective customers can look forward to further enhancements from DigitalOcean that strengthen its ability to cater to a more diverse set of customers and application workloads by means of enhanced analytic and operational functionality.

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