DigitalOcean Releases Load Balancers For Its IaaS Platform In Response To Deepening Customer Needs

DigitalOcean today announced the release of load balancers for its cloud platform. The release of load balancers responds to one of the most highly requested products from DigitalOcean customers and testifies to the company’s increased commitment to supporting “larger, scale-out” applications. Julia Austin, CTO of DigitalOcean, remarked on the significance of the introduction of load balancers to the DigitalOcean platform as follows:

We’re quickly expanding the capabilities of our cloud to support larger scale-out applications. With Load Balancers, we are providing developers and businesses with a simple service for maximizing the availability and reliability of applications without disrupting the end user experience. Load Balancers is the first major new product DigitalOcean has released this year. Over the coming year, you’ll see us continue to release a number of important products and features to meet our customers’ high availability, data storage, security, and networking needs.

Here, Austin comments on how the availability of load balancers on the DigitalOcean platform promises to improve application uptime and reliability while delivering minimal disruptions to the end user experience. The introduction of load balancing to the DigitalOcean platform empowers developers to horizontally scale traffic to healthy droplets to ensure high availability for its applications. By making load balancers available on its cloud platform, Digital Ocean reveals an interest in rendering its cloud platform amenable to applications of a larger scale than those that have been featured on its IaaS platform to date. As Austin notes, for example, the company plans to release a multitude of products that address the evolution of the needs of its customers. All this suggests that, with nearly one million registered users and 40,000 teams actively using its platform since its cloud was launched five years ago, DigitalOcean is ready to expand its portfolio of products to satisfy the needs of increasingly large, complex and data intensive applications that may have additional storage, networking and data security requirements. As such, the release of load balancers on the DigitalOcean platform inaugurates a new phase in the company’s trajectory that underscores the success of its global reception and subsequent need to support increasingly complex and large-scale applications while nevertheless preserving the simplicity that constitutes a key component of its branding and product differentiation in the IaaS space.

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