CipherCloud Releases “Discover, Protect and Monitor” Cloud Security Framework

CipherCloud recently announced an expansion of its strategy for protecting cloud-based data by revealing details of a product that extends the capabilities of its data discovery solution on’s AppExchange, announced in November. This week’s announcement renders its pre-existing data discovery functionality available to any cloud platform and additionally highlights the “protect” and “monitor” components of its cloud security strategy. Rather than handing organizations a generic cloud security platform, CipherCloud delivers a solution that allows customers to tailor the types of security monitoring to the specificities of its business operations and organizational culture by providing analysts with a user friendly interface for detecting anomalous behavior. The innovation enabled by CipherCloud’s data discovery functionality is that companies can customize the alerts and warning messages regarding breaches of security to their data stacks, technology platforms and usage patterns. Data discovery, however, represents only one part of CipherCloud’s cloud protection strategy as illustrated below:

The other components of CipherCloud’s platform include protection in the form of AES-256 bit encryption, proprietary data loss prevention technology, key management and anti-malware technology and ongoing monitoring of the health of the infrastructure in question. Importantly, CipherCloud delivers searchable strong encryption using natural language searches. CipherCloud’s searchable strong encryption enables users to search encrypted data using wildcards, boolean searches and natural language without additional, cumbersome deployments of applications or databases. As illustrated above, CipherCloud’s “Discover, Protection, Monitor” solution can accommodate a vast variety of cloud infrastructures and protect data stored in public, hybrid and private cloud environments. The key differentiator, however, is its data discovery capabilities and ability to empower customers to complement its encryption functionality with advanced analytics for retrospective and prospective detection of security threats.

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