Jaspersoft Launches Cloud BI Server On AWS With Utility Pricing

Today, Jaspersoft announced that its BI suite will soon be available as a BI server on the Amazon Web Services platform with a utility pricing model starting at $.40/hour in addition to relevant AWS EC2 fees. Jaspersoft’s BI server is configured to automatically integrate with data stores on the EC2 platform and additionally boasts certified connectivity to Amazon’s RDS and RedShift platforms. The availability of Jaspersoft’s cloud BI server means that customers with data hosted on AWS can integrate a BI application to process analytics within minutes. As a result, enterprises that have used AWS for data warehousing purposes now have the ability to unlock actionable business insights by taking advantage of the ease of deployment of the Jaspersoft BI server on the AWS marketplace. Karl Van den Bergh, Jaspersoft Vice President of Product and Alliances, remarked on the significance of its BI server on AWS as follows:

This is about market disruption. We are going after the petabytes of data in the cloud that have not yet been tapped for insight because current BI offerings are too expensive and too restrictive. With this new BI service, we are allowing millions of developers and IT professionals to easily and cost-effectively power the intelligence inside their cloud applications.

Van den Bergh notes the disruptive quality of the Jaspersoft BI platform insofar as the utility pricing model renders massive amounts of data amenable to an affordable, BI analysis. Moreover, Jaspersoft’s BI Server’s ease of deployment on AWS renders BI more accessible to data stores and organizations of all sizes and scales. As Jaspersoft continues its strategy of seeding PaaS platforms with its software, expect it to similarly deploy its cloud BI server on Red Hat’s OpenShift PaaS platform as well as Cloud Foundry given the company’s partnerships with both PaaS vendors.


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