Attunity Releases Enterprise File Replication Platform For Hadoop

Attunity announced the release of version 6.0 of its Hadoop big data replication software in general availability today. The Attunity RepliWeb for Enterprise File Replication 6.0 enables organizations to replicate data stored within Hadoop-based distributions. Organizations can use Attunity’s Hadoop replication software to populate backup and recovery infrastructures, streamline the parallel processing of data into large data warehouses and facilitate efficient ETL processing by way of the appropriate staging of data. This version features dashboards and notifications that allow administrators to monitor the progress of replications and data transfers. The product supports data management on the order of 1000s of nodes and boasts an integration with Attunity CloudBeam SaaS, thereby allowing users to transfer data directly to Amazon’s S3 storage platform. Attunity’s Hadoop replication software solution supports a number of Hadoop distributions including Apache Hadoop, Greenplum HD and Hortonworks. The product also provides a unified platform for replication more generally across Windows, Unix, Linux and HDFS file systems, in addition to multiple servers and devices as well.


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