Joyent Launches Big Data Hadoop Solution Based On Hortonworks Distribution

This week, Joyent announced the launch of a Big Data solution based on the Hortonworks distribution of Apache Hadoop that delivers enterprise-grade Hadoop storage and analytics on its high performance cloud infrastructure platform. Joyent claims that its infrastructure allows for accelerated distributed and parallel processing in addition to improved scaling of Hadoop clusters. Moreover, Joyent noted that Hadoop clusters running on its cloud were three times faster than clusters running on infrastructures of identical size. Speaking of the product launch, Joyent’s CTO Jason Hoffman remarked that its Hadoop offering “is just the start of our 2013 agenda.” Hoffman elaborated that the company intends to bring its innovation to Big Data as well as the cloud:

We intend to continue bringing our technical expertise to the market and reverse the typical understanding of big data implementations — that they’re expensive and hard to use. We’re committed to meeting the insatiable demand for faster analytics and data retrieval, changing how computing functions for the enterprise.

Joyent offered a schematic of its Hadoop infrastructure as follows:

On its website, Joyent identified three types of Hadoop services: (1) Data platform services for archiving and securing Hadoop-based data; (2) Data storage services that focus on data analysis and retrieval; and (3) Data management services that allow for the effective management of Hadoop clusters and ecosystems.


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