Virsto Releases Version 2.0 Of Its Virtualized Storage Solution

Virsto today announced the release of version 2.0 of Virsto for vSphere, the virtual storage platform that delivers software defined functionality for virtual storage. Virsto for vSphere virtualizes storage environments in ways analogous to the hypervisor’s virtualization of servers. Virsto’s hypervisor-agnostic solution delivers performance and efficiency enhancements to storage environments as well as significant reductions in storage costs. The new version boasts support for the Citrix XenDesktop hypervisor in addition to the currently supported VMware View on vSphere. Moreover, Virsto for vSphere 2.0 features support for high availability workloads as well as notable workflow optimization upgrades.

Enhancements specific to Virsto for vSphere 2.0 include the following:

•Improved data center integration marked by optimized support for Tier 1 applications, integrated application monitoring capability and superior automated recovery.

•Support for Citrix XenDesktop in ways that enable administrators to preserve machine images, update all installed components in an image as well as rollback image workflows as needed.

•Enhanced integration with existing workflows as well as automated, “wizard-based provisioning [that] can instantly create up to 10,000 high performance, space-efficient, cluster-aware clones.”

Mark Peters, Senior Analyst at ESG, remarked on the value of Virsto to the software defined datacenter as follows:

Enterprise storage decisions must always look beyond the upfront costs, and consider the long-term costs of management, hardware additions, human resources and so on. For VDI initiatives, a failure to appreciate this, and act accordingly, leads to projects that stall or fall apart. One of the specific contributory elements is the under-utilization of storage – aka wasted money – that’s inherent in much traditional storage; conversely, Virsto’s approach increases utilization and improves storage management, without compromising performance or efficiency; and it can thus be central to a fully software defined data center.

Virsto decreases storage costs while streamlining storage management according to Peters. Because enterprises typically ignore the ineffective utilization of storage resources, Virsto’s solution multiplies existing storage capacity while delivering value in conjunction with improved performance and efficiency metrics as well. Virsto’s partnerships with VMware, Citrix and Microsoft render it a credible player in the storage virtualization niche market. Users should expect to see competitors proliferate in the storage virtualization landscape within the next year but, until then, Virsto has clearly staked out thought and market leadership in a vertical that is destined to grow as the software defined data center allows CIOs to demand greater economies of efficiency from storage resources.


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