NComputing Announces New Release Of Its Desktop Virtualization Platform

NComputing today announced the release of a new version of its acclaimed desktop virtualization platform that adds additional features and functionality to the platform recognized by IDC as a major player in the desktop virtualization space. The new release features the following three enhancements:

•vSpace Server version 7 for Windows
Access for up to 100 machines to a discrete Windows or Linux operating system instance.

•vSpace Management Center
An enterprise-grade management console that empowers IT administrators to manage client devices by way of a user-friendly web-based console.

•vSpace Premium Support and Services
Premium service and support including easy access to support engineers dedicated to the vSpace platform.

The enhancements collectively position NComputing to consolidate market share in the desktop virtualization space by way of its emphasis on simplicity, performance and value. Whereas desktop virtualization solutions have traditionally been complex to implement, NComputing’s vSpace platform differentiates by way of the simplicity of its installations and subsequent management. Moreover, NComputing’s performance and value collectively enable customers to confidently recoup their capital investment in addition to claiming ancillary benefits of a virtualized infrastructure such as enhanced enterprise security and control over computing devices.

Raj Dhingra, CEO of NComputing, elaborated on the company’s value proposition as follows:

NComputing removes the barriers to desktop virtualization, including the cost and complexity that has slowed adoption in both enterprise and SMB. Our approach is unique in blending three core principles to desktop virtualization success: simplicity, performance and value. Other solutions might deliver on one or two of these, but no vendor integrates all three. NComputing is accelerating the adoption of desktop virtualization and expanding the market by delivering integrated solutions that remove the barriers to adoption through this unique formula for success.

Here, Dhingra remarks on how no vendor in the desktop virtualization space can claim product attributes aligned to the combination of simplicity, value and performance in the way that vSpace can. Even though desktop virtualization has historically struggled to gain market traction because of concerns about cost or implementation complexity, NComputing has accelerated the pace of adoption of desktop virtualization solutions “through this unique formula for success.” vSpace now claims four million seats in production worldwide and over 20 million users in 140 countries.

A significant percentage of the company’s customers are currently in the education vertical amongst school districts, universities and Ministries of Education all over the world. Ray Kase, Director of Technology, Downingtown Area School District in Pennsylvania, elaborated on the use of NComputing amongst his school district as follows:

Everything we do today at our district is virtualized. NComputing’s vSpace technology enables several users to access a single operating system simultaneously by virtualizing multiple independent user accounts and dividing the computer’s resources so we knew the technology would be a great fit for us. We estimate we’re saving $400 per seat using NComputing instead of a traditional PC. What’s more, the centralized management system that we’ll be moving to will save me a bundle of time as well.

Kase points to a savings of $400 per seat in addition to the savings related to a simplified, enterprise-grade management platform. The bottom line here is that NComputing’s solution is gradually obliterating barriers to adoption that led to the failure of other desktop virtualization solutions such as Pano Logic, for example. NComputing’s unique ability to deliver an implementation-friendly, cost-effective VDI solution is gradually gaining recognition across the enterprise and, moreover, “its platform is showing success in early implementations,” according to Brett Waldman, Research Manager for Client Virtualization at IDC.

A sample NComputing dashboard is shown below:

VMC Dashboard Chrome


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