Node.js Available On Engine Yard PaaS

Engine Yard announced the availability of the Node.js programming language within its Platform as a Service environment this week. The announcement means that Engine Yard’s PaaS now supports Ruby, PHP and Node.js. Node.js is an open source programming framework that boasts a unified concurrency environment that enables the construction of real-time, distributed applications. Because Node.js is built on JavaScript, it has the ability to bring together front end and back end, server facing architectures. Node.js is typically used to build applications that require real-time, concurrent feedback across an ecosystem of applications that have significant response times as exemplified by gaming applications, geospatial/travel applications, social networks, dating websites and website analytics applications. The availability of Node.js underscores Engine Yard’s commitment to open source technologies that empower customers to build powerful web applications. Node.js is the second most watched application on the GitHub repository and is used by enterprise customers such as LinkedIn, Walmart, eBay and NW Natural, a gas utility in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.


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