StackStorm Emerges From Stealth To Deliver Artificial Intelligence To DevOps Technology For Cloud Infrastructures

Today, StackStorm emerged from stealth mode and revealed details of a DevOps solution for IaaS cloud environments, with a specific focus on OpenStack at the present time. In much the same vein that Pivotal sought to bring the computing power, scalability and operational efficiencies of enterprises such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter to mainstream enterprise IT, StackStorm proposes to bring automation technology analogous to that used by companies like Facebook to enterprises, SMBs and startups alike. StackStorm CEO Evan Powell elaborated on the company’s technology by noting that, “the world’s top cloud infrastructure operators are 10-100x more productive than the average operator thanks in part to homemade operations automation like Facebook’s FBAR. We built StackStorm to deliver exactly this kind of software and productivity boost to the broader market.” In a phone interview with Cloud Computing Today, Powell noted further that the platform specialized in simplifying the automation of workflows in addition to leaving an audit trail regarding the implementation of automation. Moreover, the StackStorm platform integrates machine learning into its product in order to render its automation technology more intelligently and intuitively responsive to the evolving needs of the infrastructure in question. Cofounded by by Evan Powell and Dmitri Zimine, StackStorm’s mission involves delivering automation and artificial intelligence to the operation of datacenters and cloud-based infrastructures, with a particular emphasis on empowering companies who lack top-tier DevOps talent to automate their workflows with efficacy and transparency.

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