MyRedis NoSQL Platform Acquired By Garantia Data

This week, Garantia Data announced plans to acquire MyRedis, the production-grade Redis platform that delivers the NoSQL Redis database on the Heroku and AppHarbor platforms. The acquisition positions Garantia data as one of the leading players in the enterprise-grade Redis space and continues to underscore the importance of NoSQL databases as a lynchpin of the Big Data revolution. Redis is an open source, in-memory, key-value data store used by Craigslist, Disqus, Pinterest and Flickr. MyRedis is one of several production-grade Redis deployments that competes with offerings such as Redis To Go, Redis Cloud, openredis and RedisGreen. Garantia’s acquisition of MyRedis positions it to develop the functionality of its Redis Cloud offerings and build upon its recent announcement regarding multi-availability zone replication on Amazon Web Services for its Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud offerings. MyRedis customers have until July 30, 2013 to initiate the transfer of their applications to Garantia’s Redis Cloud platform.


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