Nimbula Announces Cloud Migration Service For Transitioning Public Clouds to Private

On Monday, Nimbula announced a set of professional services that facilitate the transition from a public to a private cloud. Branded the “Nimbula Cloud Migration Service,” the professional services utilize Nimbula Director, Nimbula’s flagship product that determines the operating parameters of an operational cloud with a view toward streamlining deployment of a private or hybrid cloud. Nimbula’s services are geared toward transitioning a customer’s deployment of a pubic cloud such as Amazon EC2 cloud to a private cloud environment that gives them greater control while allowing for a reduction in costs. Zynga represents the paradigmatic example of a company that started on the Amazon EC2 platform but subsequently created a private, “Z” cloud that coexists alongside its EC2 deployment. Zynga uses the Amazon’s EC2 platform as a testing stage for its applications before migrating them to its own cloud based infrastructure. Nimbula’s professional services team provides enterprises and startups alike with a migration plan and technical overview of the planned private cloud environment. Founded by industry veterans that developed the Amazon EC2 platform, Nimbula’s Cloud Migration Service complements its core cloud operating system offering.


5 thoughts on “Nimbula Announces Cloud Migration Service For Transitioning Public Clouds to Private”

  1. A couple of comments as an ex technology partner of Nimbula:
    1) The openstack partnership is a DESPERATION MOVE BY NIMBULA as they are now down to one working customer ( Yandex) . Yes , the other 3 customers listed on their website have or are in process of throwing them out.
    2) The openstack partnership makes Nimbula a “houseboat” : neither a good house , nor a good boat. Are they openstack or proprietary? Even Nimbula’s 11 remaining employees don’t know at this point.

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