ZeroStack Launches zApp Store To Streamline Availability Of IT Frameworks For Private Cloud

ZeroStack today announced the availability of its zApp Store, a one stop shopping marketplace that delivers templates for applications that can be used for ZeroStack’s OpenStack-based, IaaS platform. ZeroStack’s zApp Store enables ZeroStack customers to download templates for Jenkins, Cassandra, Hadoop and Spark, thereby enabling users of the company’s Z-Block Cloud Appliance to accelerate the deployment of popular platforms in the contemporary database, automation and Big Data space. ZeroStack customers can use the zApp Store to download and deploy frameworks such as Hadoop and MySQL with one click and subsequently add value to their IaaS private cloud deployments in a matter of minutes. The graphic below illustrates some of the frameworks available to ZeroStack customers within its zApp store:


The availability of the zApp Store marks yet another differentiator for ZeroStack’s appliance-based, private cloud platform in the commercial, OpenStack-based IaaS space by delivering a turnkey private cloud solution that simplifies the process of operationalizing OpenStack-based clouds. The ZeroStack cloud runs on-premise, behind a company’s firewall, but is administered by the ZeroStack Cloud Portal, a SaaS application that manages upgrades, intelligent automation and the self-healing qualities of the infrastructure. Because the ZeroStack cloud runs on-premise, it delivers a degree of security that enables customers to onboard sensitive workloads while enjoying the elasticity and self-service capabilities of the cloud in conjunction with pricing that parallels the economics of the public cloud. As told to Cloud Computing Today in a phone interview with ZeroStack’s VP of Marketing, Steve Garrison, ZeroStack plans to release periodic announcements regarding additions to its zStore as part of a sustained effort to enhance and streamline the availability of widely used IT frameworks for its customers. Expect more exciting product enhancements from ZeroStack as it sharpens its differentiation in the commercial OpenStack space and builds upon the momentum from its May 10 global partner channel and reseller announcement.


ZeroStack Announces General Availability Of ZeroStack Cloud Platform For Private Clouds

On March 8, ZeroStack announced the general availability of its ZeroStack Cloud Platform for automating the deployment and ongoing operational management of private clouds. The ZeroStack Cloud Platform reduces the time required to operationalize applications within a private cloud environment to a matter of minutes, thereby dramatically reducing the complexity and operational challenges traditionally associated with private cloud deployment. Built on a hyperconverged infrastructure that integrates compute, storage, networking and management tools within the ZeroStack Cloud Building Blocks framework, the ZeroStack Cloud Platform runs on-premise but is administered by the ZeroStack Cloud Portal, a SaaS application that manages upgrades, patches and the overall health of the deployment. The ZeroStack Cloud Platform boasts the ability to build private clouds in under 30 minutes while subsequently delivering the operational benefits of an intelligent, self-healing architecture as well as analytics that proactively automate capacity planning based on workloads, scalability trajectories and resource consumption. While customers reap the benefits of a private cloud requiring minimal maintenance and monitoring, they correspondingly enjoy the performance and security benefits of a public cloud, with an overall cost of ownership that remains competitive with private and public cloud alternatives in the market. As the public cloud market share battle heats up, the general availability of the ZeroStack Cloud Platform represents an important milestone in the evolution of the contemporary hybrid cloud landscape given its ability to empower customers to quickly set up a private clouds that can complement their public cloud deployments.