Weaveworks Launches Weave Cloud Enterprise Edition Featuring Enhanced Container Management Functionality

On March 29, Weaveworks announced the launch of the Weave Cloud Enterprise Edition (EE) tier for its container and microservices management platform. Compatible with all major container platforms and orchestration frameworks, the Weave Cloud Enterprise Edition simplifies, streamlines and accelerates the deployment and ongoing operational management of container-based applications. Developers can use the Weave Cloud Enterprise Edition (EE) to manage application releases for container-based applications. Additionally, Weaveworks allows developers to visualize the inter-relationship between different containers and monitor application performance as it relates to either individual containers or amalgamations of containers. Moreover, the Weave Cloud Enterprise Edition gives developers the capability to monitor application performance as measured by a multitude of metrics and to subsequently perform root cause analytics to understand the drivers of performance degradation or improvement. The platform also empowers developers to connect containers via its networking functionality that enables the creation of secure networked relationships between containers.

The recently launched platform features the availability of incident management functionality marked by the ability to obtain a granular understanding of the nexus of root causes responsible for an incident, the history of similar incidents as well as dashboards that elaborate on the timing and impact of the incident. In addition, the Weave Cloud Enterprise Edition (EE) boasts release automation functionality as well as the ability to roll-back releases to earlier points in time. Furthermore, the Weave Cloud Enterprise Edition (EE) features advanced analytics for the troubleshooting of Kubernetes that includes resource container mappings. Taken together with the delivery of its container management functionality via the cloud, the Weave Could Enterprise Edition empowers developers to focus on monitoring and improving container-based applications without the hassle of attention to the underlying infrastructure in which the containers are hosted.

The availability of incident management, release automation and Kubernetes troubleshooting functionality in this version of the Weave Cloud Enterprise Edition (EE) bolsters its positioning within the container management space by delivering enterprise-grade functionality that enable enterprises to track metadata associated with container-based applications and automate application releases.  But the larger story, here, is the narrative of an enterprise-grade container management platform that delivers on its promise of monitoring as well as ongoing operational management of container-based applications and infrastructures. Notable about Weaveworks is the sophistication of its advanced analytic capabilities for troubleshooting performance issues in container-based applications in conjunction with its unique visualization and secure networking capabilities for container-based infrastructures. As such, the platform differentiates in the container-management space by way of an end to end container management solution with strengths in monitoring and ongoing operational management.