Virtualization and Mobile Devices Converge With Wyse’s Acquisition of Trellia

Wyse’s acquisition of Trellia last week illustrates the convergence of two of the hottest trends in technology today: mobile devices and virtualization. Wyse, one of the world’s leading cloud client computing companies, consolidated its portfolio with the addition of Trellia’s technology infrastructure for managing mobile devices in the cloud. Specifically, the acquisition of Trellia bolsters the ability of Wyse to manage access to enterprise cloud-based environments from smartphones and tablets. Wyse’s acquisition of Trellia expands its mission of enabling enterprises to leverage cloud computing through its extensive network ecosystem of IT vendors such as including Cisco, Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware. With the acquisition of Trellia, Wyse intends to offer enterprises an integrated cloud client solution that enables management and delivery of cloud access from desktops, laptops, smartphones and laptops for a variety of user roles, locations and applications. Trellia adds to Wyse’s portfolio by bringing specific expertise in mobile compliance and security to the table. The global market for virtual client computing is expected to surpass $3.2 billion by 2014 according to IDC.