JethroData Raises $8.1M In Series B Funding For Its Innovative SQL On Hadoop Platform

On June 9, JethroData announced the finalization of an $8.1M Series B funding raise led by Square Peg Capital with additional participation from Pitango Venture Capital. The funding will be used to accelerate product development and sales and marketing initiatives for the company’s breakthrough SQL on Hadoop offering. As told to Cloud Computing Today in a phone interview with JethroData CEO Eli Singer, the company’s SQL on Hadoop platform differentiates itself from the landscape of SQL interfaces for Hadoop by way of its superior performance with respect to querying Hadoop-based data. The JethroData platform derives its exceptional performance by indexing Hadoop data and subsequently limiting queries only to rows of data containing the relevant indices. Rather than querying the entire cluster, JethroData’s queries hone in on the subset of Hadoop data containing the relevant index attributes and thereby delivers results in a fraction of the time required by its competitors. For the use case of constructing predictive modeling algorithms, however, JethroData queries the entire Hadoop dataset in question as opposed to a subset for the purpose of creating models that illustrate trends and variations in data points and various aggregations. The platform’s design supports interactive business intelligence applications that depend on rapid data refreshes for both their analytics and visualizations and, as such, integrates with the likes of Tableau, MicroStrategy and Qlik. Tuesday’s announcement of the company’s funding raise validates the company’s early traction and supports JethroData’s claim to deliver queries on the order of 100x faster than competing SQL on Hadoop platforms.


MapR And HP Vertica Partner To Deliver SQL On Hadoop Via HP Vertica Analytics Platform

MapR Technologies today announced a partnership with HP Vertica that integrates the HP Vertica Analytics Platform with MapR’s enterprise-grade distribution of Apache Hadoop. As a result of the partnership, users of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR have the capability to leverage the SQL capabilities of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform against data stored in Hadoop clusters. The HP Vertica Analytics Platform constitutes yet another “SQL-on-Hadoop” solution that competes with the likes of Apache Hive, Concurrent’s Lingual, Cloudera’s Impala, Hadapt and the Hortonworks Stinger initiative. As noted in GigaOm, MapR itself leads Apache Drill, an open source initiative to develop a highly scalable, SQL-based interactive query engine for Apache Hadoop, but clearly made a strategic decision to expand the range of users of its Hadoop distribution by partnering with HP Vertica. Today, MapR also announced the release of the latest version of its Hadoop distribution featuring support for Hadoop 2.2 and YARN. Notably, users running Hadoop 1.x can take advantage of YARN’s resource management abilities to preview the functionality of YARN before upgrading to Hadoop 2.0. HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR is currently available in early access mode and will be generally available in March.