PernixData Releases PernixData FVP For SMBs; Selected As Finalist In “Best Technology” VMware 2013 Awards

PernixData continues to build on its momentum in the server side flash virtualization space. On Tuesday, the company announced a brand of its PernixData FVP software catered for small to medium-sized businesses. The SMB PernixData FVP creates a clustered acceleration tier for the virtualization of server side flash on up to four hosts, allowing for scale-out storage independent of hardware storage capacity. SMBs can now take advantage of PernixData’s disruptive technology that seamlessly installs into an organization’s existing IT infrastructure. The SMB edition of the PernixData FVP means that the company is now aggressively pursuing the enterprise, SMB and startup market in a strategy that appears intent on determining which vertical will deliver most sustained traction subsequent to its general availability announcement in early August.

Meanwhile, at VMware 2013, PernixData FVP was named one of the finalists in the “New Technology” category of the Best of VMware 2013 Awards. PernixData’s VP of Marketing, Jeff Aaron, commented on the VMware award by explaining the platform’s innovation as follows: “While other vendors offer point products that deliver modest storage performance gains for a limited number of use cases, PernixData FVP provides a true clustered solution that seamlessly benefits all virtualized applications. This makes PernixData’s software a key infrastructure element of any virtualized data center.” PernixData FVP installs into the hypervisor kernel within 20 minutes, without the necessity of VM or server changes or reboots.